Chapter - 10

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A/N: Hey guys sorry I haven't been posting in awhile but you guys got to remember I have two other stories and one of them you guys are very demanding of. Also I wanted to say Kiddo is 11 months in this chapter and the next chapter so on with the story!

"Spirit can you please babysit Kid!" Lord Death pleaded with his death scythe. Spirit sighed and finally nodded. Lord Death clapped his large hands together happy. (Something that Kiddo does just saying)

Lord Death picked up the sleeping child and handed him to his most trusted Death Scythe. Spirit smiled at the bundle he was just given.

"Don't worry Lord Death you can count on me." Spirit said with confidence.

Lord Death did his usual happy little bounce and said "Well good!" Spirit started walking out but was stopped when Lord Death said "Oh and Spirit?" Spirit turned around to face the protector of Death City. "If my boy gets in any kind of trouble then for sure you'll be dead!" Lord Death said in his usual cartoonish voice.

Spirit gulped and paled slightly but nodded and quickly made his way out of the Death Room.



I watched as the tiny son of Lord Death slumber in my arms. He was so tiny, which is why I still don't understand how this child is gonna be our next leader and protector. But if Lord Death says then I guess it's true.

I didn't know exactly to bring the son of Lord Death to so I asked Marie.

"Hey Marie!" She turned around and with a blue haired baby boy in her arms.

"Yes Spirit?"

"Hey I'm watching Lord Deaths little one, do you know where babies like to go?"

She smiled at me and nodded. "Why actually yes I do. Just hold on a moment, I was just gonna take Black*Star there too so I'll go with you." She went back into one of the student rooms and I heard her grabbing a lot of things. She finally came out with a diaper bag the size of Texas.

"Alrighty then, I'm ready!" She announced happily. I looked down to see Death The Kid still asleep in my arms. I smiled down at the boy. I will admit he was pretty adorable, I wonder if Kid and Lord Death look alike at all? Hell I wonder who Death The Kid's mother is?

"Alright then let's go. You lead the way Marie!" I say quietly as I look down at the sleeping bundle.

'I think I want a baby boy.' Spirit thought to himself as he walked with Marie.

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