Chapter - 2

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I woke up and looked at the clock. It was already noon. I felt something on my chest so I looked down and remembered Kid was in here sleeping on me. Or should I say he was in here starring at me wide awake.

He looked like he had been awake for awhile now. He finally realized I was awake and giggled. "Now how long have you been awake Mister?" Kid laughed and reached for my hood which he yanked down. My hair was now all messy from that which made Kid smile happily.

"Come on Kiddo. You probably hungry, mmm?" I carried Kid downstairs and to the kitchen. I sat him down in his baby chair but the moment I did he started crying. Ahh I can't deal with this right now in the morning!

"WAHHHHHHHHH! WAH WAH, WAHHH!" Kid screamed. I had just put his bottle in the microwave.

"Kid I'm getting your bottle." I said as calmly as I could. But Kid just cried louder.


"DEATH THE KID! I'm getting your damn bottle!" Kid stopped and whimpered.

'Damn! I just scared him. I need to learn how to handle babies now that I'm a father...if only Lillian was here.' I thought quietly.

The microwave beeped and I took the bottle out and walked to Kid. He was frowning which I hated to see. He sniffled as more tears ran down his delicate cheeks. "Oh, Kiddo. Daddy's sorry." I picked him up and kissed him on the forehead. I felt his tiny hands grab fist fulls of my cloak. I rubbed his small back and rocked him. I put him in one of my large hands. His face was stained with tiny little tears. "Ahh, poor baby." I wipe his tears away with one of finger.

Kid must have been pretty hungery because he grabbed one of my hands and started sucking on my finger. I laughed at this and said "I guess your hungry." I slipped my finger out of his tiny mouth. He pouted when I did that but, I quickly put his bottle in his mouth which he took greedily.

While Kid ate I looked at him. When he was born the doctor had said he was a premature baby. He was very small. The doctor had also said that Kid wouldn't make it but he did. My son was a fighter. Sadly though Lillians life was taken in exchange for Kids. No matter what though I would always love my son. I may not have Lillian anymore but, I still had Kid. A part of Lillian and a part of me was in Kid was something Lillian told me right before she died. She at least held Kid right before she died, so at least she was happy. And that's all I've ever wanted.

Kid was done with his bottle and was now chewing on the rubber part. I smiled down at him. I took it from his mouth and placed it on the counter.

"Guess what Kiddo? Bath time!" I swore Kid knows what I'm talking about because as I said that he giggled happily.

I walked upstairs and went into the bathroom. I turned on the warm water half way and the cold a quarter of the way. I waited till the water filled up about a quarter of the way. I turned the water off.

I sat on the edge of the tub and put Kid on my lap. I unbuttoned his jumper which was baggy on him and threw it in the dirty clothes basket.

"Whoops! Daddy almost forgot something." I picked up a naked Kid and walked to his room. I found the small basket which was filled with bath toys. I grabbed the basket and took it with me back to the tub.

I set a couple toys into the tub then set Kid down in there holding him up so he wouldn't fall. He was still to young to sit up by himself but he was getting the hang of it. The second I set him down he splashed happily which got me soaked.

"Ahh Kiddo! Your getting Papa soaked, silly boy." I smiled at my little boy.

"Ahhgaga bahhhhlaga." Kid laughed and smiled a big smile. I loved to see my boy smile. When Kid was born and when the quack of a doctor told me Kid wasn't gonna make it I believed him. But then when Kid had made it I saw that he was very small and pale so I was always worried about him. I had asked the doctor if it was normal which he simply replied by saying "oh I don't actually know, he is Lord Deaths son." So I quickly got my own doctor, a doctor who I know knew his stuff....Dr. Stein. Stein had said it was peculiar he had skin so pale but wasn't that surprised because he was my son.

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