Chapter - 3

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A/N: Hey guys real quick I would just like to say that Kiddo is now eight months old, it says it in here but it's kind of confusing and really easy to just pass it up not really paying attention.

I woke up. I had the damn nightmare again! It had been like this for eight months, ever since Kid was born. I sighed and looked at my son who was sleeping peacefully on my chest. Is something I wish I could say. Sadly though Kid was sleeping on my chest but was cold and sweaty and he was shaking like a leaf. His face scrunched up in pain. My son was having a nightmare.

"Kid wake up Kid. Come on Kiddo you gotta wake up." Kids eyes flew open and tears started to pour out of them. Big hot fat tears. I sat up and patted him on the back.

"Wahhhhhhhhhhhh wah wah wahhhhhhhhhhh!" Kid screamed obviously afraid of something. I rocked Kid back and fourth trying to calm his screams.

"Shh...Shh Kid. Daddy's got you. Papa's got his little man. Shh...Shh come on Death The Kid." I heard him sniffle as he buried his face into my shirt like always. I sighed and looked at the clock which read 6:00. I pulled Kid from my shirt so I could look at him. His pale white face was the color of newly fallen snow. His eyes were droopy as well. He sniffled again and coughed. Kid was way paler than usual.

"Hey ya Kiddo. You want to come with Papa to the academy so Stein can check you out?" Kid sneezed so I took that as a yes.

I set him down on the bed and put pillows all around him, waiting for him to start the water works. But nothing, I looked at my son with concern. His eyes were still drooping. That's when I knew there was something definitely wrong with him. I quickly went to my closet and put on one of my cloaks. I grabbed Kid and my mask and went to his room.

I changed his diaper quickly and got him a black jumper with the family skull on the front. I put it on him and went downstairs carrying him along. I put his hat on him which fell in his eyes, then his jacket which was white. I buttoned him up as he sneezed once again. I put on his little booties. And put him in his car seat. I grabbed the diaper bag and almost walked out without my mask on. I quickly grabbed my mask and put it on and looked at myself in the mirror. Boy did I look ridiculous. Lord Death the guy that can kill all Kishins and defeat any witch was carrying a diaper bag and holding a car seat. Granted it did hold my son in it but still I looked pretty ridiculous.

I decided to use my shinigami powers to make myself invisible which I had to do with the diaper bag and Kid but I didn't really care.

I walked out the door and made my way to the academy. After almost being hit by a car and accidentally bumping into someone I final made it to the DWMA. I walked up the many steps and walked in. School didn't start until 7:00 so I knew Stein wouldn't be so busy.

I made my way to his office and knocked. He opened the door looked at me and closed it. I knocked again and he answered it, looked at me and slammed the door in my face again! I knocked on the door once more.

"Okay if this is some prank I'm gonna find out who you are, hunt you down and dissect you." Stein said while opening the door.

"I assure you Stein this is no prank." Stein looked around left and right. "Ahh Stein right here." Stein looked straight ahead.

"Sir your not there." Stein said with a bored expression.

"Whoops!" I forgot I was invisible! I quickly turned visible showing myself to Stein. But Stein only noticed what I was holding in my right hand.

"Soooooo is that the famous Lord Deaths son?" Stein asked with curiosity glimmering in his eyes.

"Why yes it is. I came to you because I think he's sick." Stein looked at me and told me to come in.

"Put him down on the examining table." Stein said as he rolled away, probably to get something.

I did as I was told and took Kid out. He sneezed as I placed him on the examining table. Stein came back in with wide eyes starring straight at Kid. He quickly rolled to him.

"So what's his name?" Stein asked not taking his eyes off him but also not touching him.

"Death The Kid." I simply replied.

Stein raised his eyebrow and said "How creative. Well lets take a look shall we?" Stein did his famous madness smile. Kid looked straight at him and laughed. Stein opened Kids mouth and checked it, looked in his ears, listened to his heart and all the junk Doctors do.

When he was done he sat Kid on his lap and said "He's just got a little cold is all. It's common for new born and prematures. There bodies don't have the strength just yet to fight off the virus. He'll be fine." Stein gave Kid a shot in the arm. Then quickly put a band aid on it. Surprisingly Kid didn't cry at all instead played with with one of Steins stitches on his coat.

"Gawawawaaa garragagaa!" Kid said happily as he clapped his hands together. Stein tried to hide the smile on his face but I saw it. He ruffled Kid's little tuft and handed him back to me. I always thought Stein would have made an a great parent, minus the whole dissecting thing. 

I smiled under my mask. "I'll be in the Death Room if you need me." I grabbed Kids car seat and diaper bag.

"Mmm so you'll be staying then?" Stein asked still looking at Kid like he was the most important thing in the world.

"Yep." Is all I said as I left and walked to Death Room with Kid.

I looked down at him in his car seat. He was looking all around with wide eyes as he chewed his bootie. "Hey now you can't go chewing your booties. Your momma made those. Here try this Kiddo." I popped a pacifier in his mouth. His eyes went wide as he chewed the rubber then started sucking it. I smiled at my son.


I watched as Lord Death walked out of my office with his son, Death The Kid. Cute and adorable yes but, what I wanted to know was how much power did he have locked away in him? A lot of thoughts drifted in my head but there was one that I kept thinking.

"What I wouldn't give to dissect Lord Deaths son, Death The Kid."

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