Chapter - 9

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A/N: Mmm Kay warning! This chapter contains fluffing adorable fluff. It is so fluffy.

I woke up to the sun streaming into my eyes. I pouted and yelled at the sun. "Ahhhh GA!" I sat up now awake and look around and see I'm in my prison again! I stood up and thought of myself out of this cage.

A feeling spreads over my body so I opened my eyes and found myself in front of the steps. I tilted my head in curiosity wondering why I'm in front of the steps. I look down and nod. Today is the day I will defeat you stairs, I point at the stairs with determination.

I take a deep breath and unlock the gate. I take one more deep breath and take my first step which is perfect but now its time for the second step. I take a deep breath and take my next step. I wait for myself to fall down again but nothing happens. I look down and see that second leg landed perfectly. I smirk and start slowly walking down the stairs. When I reach the bottom I yell in victory.

"Ahhhhh ggah!" I then decide since daddy is sleeping that I'll go and explore. I went to the kitchen and climbed up to the counter to where papa hid the cookies. I quickly grabbed as many as I could carry and hopped down back to the ground.

I then went to the one place I've never been. I either stay upstairs and play or go to the DWMA with papa. I couldn't wait to explore the downstairs hallway!

I walked towards there and stopped just to gaze at the perfection of it all. All the paintings were perfectly hung, the vase all the way in the back was perfectly placed in the middle of the glass table, in other words it was just perfect. But of course I already knew that since Papa is perfect meaning everything he has is perfect.

I munched on a cookie while walking down the dark hallway. I tried opening the first door but realized it was locked just like the baby gate. I tried all the other doors and realized the same thing...they were locked. I sighed in defeat but then quickly remembered that there was one more door...the end one.

I looked at it and saw that it was perfect. It was different like the other doors. This door had two doors instead of just one. I walk to it and did the only thing I could since I couldn't reach the knob...I pushed.

The doors opened perfectly and without a squeak. I poked my head threw the opening and gazed in wonder of the newness I found. The room was well lit. It had many sharp things or swords in it, I know what a sword is because I heard Papa talking about them. There were many weapons in here. There were also red things. I walked over and poked the red thing and felt that it was sorta squishy.

(A/N: Real quick the room is Lord Deaths training room in case you didn't know.)

I laughed at the red squishy thing. I saw a lot of swords and something new my Papa called "scythes". I knew every weapon in the room was...all except one.

I walked over to the big table and with my brain made a stair case to climb. I climbed it and got on the table and grabbed 'L' shaped weapon. It's got metal on it, with rubber so I guess that's where you put your hands. I put my hands in the right place and look at it weird. I shrug and see something that I think is called a trigger? I point the weapon at a red squishy thing and with my pinky pull the trigger...BOOM!

The weapon shoots something out and makes me slide back a bit. The sound of the weapon going off is still ringing in my ears but I like the sound. I look and see I hit the squish thing. I smile and want to do it again.

This time though I point the weapon at the red squishy things head and fire. BOOM! I look and see I hit it right in the head. I giggle in excitement.

Then the door barges open and I see Papa running in here like mad. He sees me and quickly runs over to me. But I want to show Papa the stuff I can do. So I look straight ahead at a little red dot and fire the weapon. BOOM! "KID NO!" Papa yells.

Papa yanks the weapon out of my hand and puts it somewhere else. Papa picks me up and hugs me tightly. "Kiddo...." Papa breaths heavily and I laugh.

Finally after Papa hugs me for like forever he lets go and looks to see where I shot. I pull his mask and throw it on the ground to see his face in total shock. "How did you shoot that with a pistol? And you held it upside down! And you shot with your pinkies!" I chuckled at Papas confusion. Papa smiled at me and kissed me on the forehead. I giggled.

"Now what I'm wondering is how you got down here?" Papa looks confused and I laugh knowing he'll never know my little secret.

Pistol huh? I like it.

A/N: So that was Kid's first time at the shooting range! And he was only 10 months so BOOM!

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