Chapter - 8

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A/N: Hey guys I wanted to say this real quick. Okay so the baby's can understand eachother but all the adults hear is like GaGa Gogo and baby words. It's kinda like Rugrats. But anyway just wanted to say that. I do not own any Soul Eater characters mentioned in this story nor do I own Rugrats.

I take the boys to my other room. I set them down and give them my creepy smile which makes Soul cry and Kid just giggles. "Now play nice boys." And with that I shut the door and rolled away.


I watched as Stein closed the door. I looked at the other baby next to me who was crying. "Um why are you crying?" I ask.

The baby opens his eyes and sniffles. "Because dat man is scary."

I smile and giggle. "Who? Stein? He's just a big old Teddy bear! It's ok don't cry. I don't think we've been properly introduced."

Soul wiped his tears and smiled. "I'm Soul Eater Evan but you can just call me Soul."

I smiled at Soul and said "I'm Death The Kid but you can call me Kid." Soul smiled at and giggled.

I looked around the room and saw there were no toys at all sadly. "Hey Soul why don't we get out of here and find my other friend, he's got blue hair!" Souls eyes widened and nodded quickly.

"But how are we gonna get out Kid?" I thought for a moment.

"Soul can you walk?" I asked.

"No I'm only 8 months. I can only sit up." I sighed knowing this is gonna be hard.

I sat still and thought for a moment. Then an idea popped into my head. Sometimes when it was dark daddy would put me in a cushiony thingy with wheels. But that would be to big to push so I thought again.

"Okay Soul I have an idea so bare with me." Soul nodded and I tapped into my funny feeling. Dark shadows started swirling around then black spiky things that went ZAP came out as well. Then within the blink of an eye it was replace with a long board with four wheels. I flipped it over and saw daddy's mask on it. I clapped happily.

"Cool." Soul said quietly.

"Cool indeed." I said. I stand up which amazes Soul even more. I pick Soul up and place him on the wheely thingy. "Okay now we need to figure out how open the door. Got any ideas Soul?" Soul looked around and smiled.

"Kid get those boxes and stand them up so you can climb on them and open the door!" Soul says excitement dripping from his voice. I giggle and go get boxes.

8 boxes later...

"Kid you need one more box!" Soul said with worry. I shook my head ignoring him.

"Okay I'm gonna try it now." I step on the first box and wobble a little but get my balance. I go up a couple more boxes as they start to tip. I wave my hands around trying to catch my balance.

"Oh no! Be careful Kiddo!" Soul yelled. I took a quick deep breath and caught my balance. I finally reached the knob and turned it then pushed as hard as I could opening the door about a crack. I hop down from the top and land on my butt. I stand up and rub my butt.

"Okay Soul! Adventure time!" Me and Soul laughed happily. I pushed the boxes away so I could push the wheely thingy.

I slowly pushed the thing in the next room and saw Stein in his rolly chair. I leaned in to Soul and whispered "Shh, be quiet. Stein is still here." Soul nodded as I pushed him to the other door. Luckily it was opened about a crack so I opened it more and pushed Soul out silently. Once we passed the corner I stopped and got on the front of the wheely thingy.

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