Chapter - 4

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I walked into the Death Room with Kid sucking on his pacifier. I looked around and smiled at my cloudy room. It reminded me of the first time me and Lillian met. I looked at Kid to see him look around wide eyed. His mouth was wide opened so his pacifier dropped out of his mouth. He tried to reach it but his arms were to short. His smallness was always getting in the way of him. I hope when he's older he won't have those kind of problems.

Kid pouted and looked at me. I laughed and grabbed the pacifier with two fingers. Kid's eyes widened when he saw I had his pacifier. His arms pulled out and he fisted his tiny hands together then unfisted. I smiled at him and said "Ahh who's a cute little boy? Kiddo is!" Kid giggled happily. I'm glad it was just a  cold Kid had and not something serious. I popped the pacifier into his delicate mouth. He sucked it greedily.

I sat Kid down on the side of my mirror. I heard a knock on the door. "Come in!" I yelled happily.

The door opened and in walked my friend, Sid. "Hello sir. Stein had said you were back and I had to come and make sure it was true." I nodded.

"Well it's true! I'm back in business." I said cheerfully.

Sid smiled and said "Good. We were all worried, why exactly were you gone for so long sir?" Oh that's right I hadn't told anyone that I had a son well except Spirit which he probably blabbed to Stein.

"Oh well that's why." I said simply. I pointed to Kid in his car seat.

Sid's POV.

I saw the car seat but I still didn't understand why Lord Death had that. Car seats were meant for babies, unless......

I walked over quickly and peeked to see if there was anything in it. There was. A little boy with round ember eyes starred back at me. He had pacifier that looked like Lord Deaths mask. I looked closely and saw that already he had a full head of ebony hair. You could barely see it but, it was there. The pacifier dropped from his mouth as he starred at me with mouth wide opened.

'Oh man here it comes." I thought. Everytime a baby or children or even some of the academy students would see me they would instantly ball there eyes out. I looked at this child and waited. His face scrunched up, his mouth wide opened, oh man here it comes! I closed my eyes waiting for the worst.

"Ahhh hahahaheheheyah!" The little boy giggled with delight. I opened my eyes surprised and starred at the boy. He had a smile on as he clapped his hands together. How unusual.

I turned to Lord Death still confused. "I don't understand sir. Is the boy a child of a witch, Kishin, umm some other magical creature?"

Lord Death laughs and says "No you dummy. That cute little baby boy in the car seat is my....son!" I looked at Lord Death with my mouth wide opened. No way in hell! This had to be some kind of prank.

I looked back at the boy. As crazy as it sounds, the child being Lord Deaths son made sense. The reason why he didn't cry when he saw me, his ebony hair, his pacifier, it all made sense. I just couldn't believe it.

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