Chapter - 5

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Lord Death

Me and Sid talked the whole time. I had asked him what Medusa, Arachne, and any other evil witch had been up to. He had simply replied either with I don't know or nothing. So sadly we had no information to go on. Hell maybe the witches were actually being good and maybe Kid doesn't cry when I let him go.....yah right.

I looked out my tippy top window and saw it was getting late. The moon was already out and smiling like a mad man.....Stein.

I looked at Sid and said "Well Sid, I think were gonna have to continue this tomorrow. I have to get home and do some research." I lied straight threw my teeth. The truth was that I just wanted to get Kid home and put him in bed. But if I told Sid that he would think I was losing my touch, well in all reality I guess I kinda was. I mean I am raising a little boy!

Sid nodded and said "Good idea. I'll do some of my own research as well sir. Well goodnight." I nodded as he left the Death Room. I took a breath of relief. I'm glad that worked because I was tired and I guessed Kid was too. I used soul perception to locate were Marie had taken the boys. I looked around until I spotted an unusual soul. I knew it wasn't Kid but I still wanted to check it out.

So I walked out of the Death Room and towards the peculiar soul. I went past Steins office, passed the cafeteria until I came upon a Steins classroom. I saw the soul was in the classroom but I also saw the entire soul. It was like a sky blue but what strucked me odd was the three white lines the ran across the top and stopped at the middle. I opened the door and slowly walked down the steps.

The soul turned to me. I made it to the bottom of the stairs and turned off my soul perception. I blinked my eyes shut and opened them to find a smiling Death The Kid.

"Kid?" Kid giggled at my confusion. I walked over to him and picked him up. I looked over and saw Miss Marie picking up a sleeping Black*Star. She finally noticed me.

"Oh hello Lord Death. Black*Star just fell asleep and well Kid, is still very energetic. Oh and you should have saw it! Black*Star threw a block in the air then it hit him in the head and he started crying. And before I even got up Kid took his pacifier and gave it to Black*Star by popping it in his mouth." Black*Star started snoring. "Oh well I should get Black*Star to bed so bye bye. Oh and Bye Bye cutie!" She looked at Kid and blew him a kiss. Kid giggled excitedly.

I watched Miss Marie walk out of Steins classroom. I didn't even notice Kid grabbing at my mask. He finally got it and yanked it off. I starred down at Kid and smiled. "So you shared you most favorite thing in the world huh?" Kid giggled at me. I started walking up the steps with Kid and made my way back to the Death Room. When I got there I put Kid's hat and jacket on and buckled him in. I grabbed his diaper bag and walked out the Death Room, down the hallway and out the DWMA.

We got back to the house pretty quick. I walked into the mansion and went upstairs to Kids room. I set his diaper bag on the bed and his car seat too. I unbuckle him, take his hat and jacket off set him down on my lap. He looks at me like always but then grabs my mask and pulls it off.

"Garrrrr!" Kid yelled. He puts the mask in his mouth and chews on it. I smile at him as he continues to stare at me.

"Did you know your soul is very peculiar, little boy?" He bounces on my knee. I take another look at his soul just to make sure I saw it right. I did, it was still the same sky like blue with the three white lines that went from the middle of the front to the middle of the back. I turned off soul perception and looked at Kid.

He threw my mask on the ground, then looked at me. His tiny arms shot out with his hands clenching and unclenching, wanting me to bring him close. I smiled and picked him up hugging him. He pushed on my chest so he was looking at my face. "What are you looking at Kiddo?" Kid grabbed my nose with his tiny hand. "Honk honk!" I said as Kid squeezed it. He laughed loudly which made me happy. Then he had that look he got when he always starred at me.

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