Chapter - 12

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Lord Death

Spirit had came back with Kiddo and I watched him walk out of the Death Room. I looked down at son and smiled at him. He yelled at me and pointed to mask. I sighed but smiled as I took it off for him.

Kid giggled happily when I took it off. I smiled at him and got his car seat and baby things. I buckled him in his car seat and smiled at my son. I picked the car seat up and looked at my mirror so it was to the mirror that was in my bedroom. I stepped threw the mirror with Kid and sighed happily once we were home. I shut the mirror connection off and set Kid's car seat down on the bed and took my cloak, mask and clothes off. I changed into grey sweats and a simple dark grey t-shirt.

I went back over to the bed once I heard Kid start to whine. I unbuckled him and cradled my baby boy gently in my arms making him gurgle happily. I chuckled and said "Let's go change your diaper little man."

I walked into Kid's room and set him down on the changing table and undid his little oncey. I unstrapped his diaper and threw it away. I cleaned his bottom and little weiner off of his pee and put a clean diaper on him. I smiled down at my son and stuck my tongue out at him making squeal with happiness.

"What is this Kiddo?" I questioned as I grabbed his tiny foot and tickled it a little. He giggled and tried reaching up to swat at my hand. "Nope. This is daddy's foot now little man." I smiled making him yell.

I started to pretend to eat his foot and tickled it at the same time. He squealed and started squirming all over the place in pure happiness. "Daddy's foot!" Kid laughed loudly and happily as he rubbed his little cheeks.

I gently picked him up and cradled him. I patted his bare belly gently and asked "Hungry little boy?" He suckled on his little fingers happily and patted my chest cutely.

"Let's go get you a bottle." I walked downstairs and set Kid down in his high chair. I went and made his bottle then put it into the microwave. I turned my head to see Kid trying to get out of his high chair. "Hey hey hey little boy, daddy sees you." I said making him squeak in surprise of being caught.

He quickly sat down and reached out towards me making me smile. I walked over to him and picked him up gently and kissed his cheeks. I swayed my body back and fourth happily, hugging my little boy close. "I love you Kiddo.." I whispered making him coo.

I took his bottle out and tested it out on my wrist, nodding in approvment that it was good. "Open up for daddy baby." I rubbed the nip on his little lips making him open his mouth. He started sucking on his bottle happily and hungrily.

Formula dribbled down his chin making me shake my head with a smile. "Silly boy, your so messy." I grabbed a paper towel and wiped his mouth gently.

Once he had finished his bottle he was barely keeping his eyes opened. I patted his back gently until I heard a burp. "Let's go night night buddy." I said walking up the steps of our large Manor.

I went into my room and laid down on my side. I brought Kid close to my chest and he snuggled into my shirt deeply. I covered us both up but Kid was snuggled so closely to me that he was stealing my body heat which I didn't mind. As long as my baby was warm.

I stroked the ebony hair on his head gently and hummed quietly until he fell asleep. I kissed his forehead lovingly and closed my own eyes. I fell into a peaceful slumber with my baby boy cuddled into my chest.

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