Relax it's Sunday

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Chapter 2

Charlotte POV

I woke up suddenly feeling a weird ping in my stomach. I turned and saw Jenna sitting with her laptop typing away her hair in a messy bun, she had on a big sweater and leggings with fluffy slippers.

"Morning," I said grudgingly Jenna turned and smiled "morning to you too Ms. Grouchy pants," I rolled my eyes and sat up. "What do you wanna do today," I asked her "It's 12:30pm I'm not in the mood, relax it's sunday."

I sighed and laid back against my pillow staring up at the ceiling my face blank. Jenna leaned over me "what," "oh nothing," "what's wrong," she persisted, "nothing," I perked up "I'm going for a run wanna join?" "sure, but that's all I'm doing with anything involving exercise," she got up and put on her running shoes and changed into a tank top and a hoodie.

I got out the showers and dressed in yoga pants, a tank top and running shoes I grabbed my iPod and put my hair in a ponytail. "Ready," I asked much more awake "sure," she said standing up and following me.

While we were running there was many gasps and people looking at me but I just ran faster, surprised that Jenna can keep up.

I stopped and bent down resting my hands on my knees "girl you're crazy," Jenna panted doing the same thing as me. I shook my head "nah, that was nothing," she rolled her eyes "we basically ran more like 2 kilometres without stopping and I kept up with you," she said in disbelief.

I chuckled and stood up straight "race you back whoever loses buys the other ice cream double scoop and anything they want," she smirked, "game on crazy lady," I shook my head "ready set..." before I could finish she started running "you cheater," I yelled laughing but easily caught up to her.

We were both challenging each other, when suddenly I bumped into someone and almost fell on my ass. "Sorry," the voice said huskily, I looked up quickly not really noticing the features but knowing it was a guy "it's fine," I looked over the guys shoulder and saw Jenna was sticking her tongue at me I smirked "sorry gotta go," and with that I sped off without looking back but laughing at Jenna's hysterical face when she saw me catch up.

I ran to the doors before Jenna did, I did my little victory dance. "In your face Jenna, who's your daddy who's your daddy," I did the cat-daddy and laughed at Jenna passed out on the grass.

"You lazy ass, get up," she groaned "ughhh my legs are killing me," "too bad you owe me ice cream we'll leave in an hour to get some," she perked up and then sulked "aww man I have to buy," she whined. I laughed evilly and went into the bathroom still grinning.

I came out and grabbed black leggings, black studded ankle boots, a dark green peplum top and a leather jacket. I put my hair a tight bun and looked over at Jenna to see her grumbling about something I laughed lightly and put in my earrings.

"Ready ma'lady I'm excited to know what ice cream shop you have in mind," she shot me a glare and got up "ugh," she grunted I rolled my eyes and helped her up. "You need to work out more so from now on every Sunday your either going running with me or to the gym," she groaned in dismay "I hate you," "awww boo I love you too," I kissed her nose and she stuck her tongue out at me, but I just laughed at her childish behaviour.

We arrived at basket robins, I was so excited I had my face glued to the window of where the ice cream was kept. "So what do you want Char," "hmm," I tapped my chin, "I think I'll have one scoop of vanilla ice cream and one scoop of cookies and cream, with smarties sprinkled on top and sprinkles can't forget the sprinkles and a fat strawberry on top." I finished ordering and watched as the guy put everything on I looked at Jenna "what are you getting?" she laughed "I'll have the same as this crazy woman please," the guy laughed and gave me my bowl of ice cream I squealed and found a spot to sit.

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