Chapter 1

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I drop my bags in the room and give a heavy sigh as I sit down onto the bed. I have been at college for about two weeks. Getting over the break-up was hard, I mean I had all summer but I was still barely managing.

I look around the dorm room Sarah and I shared. Sarah and I had been friends since high school.

I was known as the typical girl next door, sweet and innocent and it was true. I didn't like to be mean and I didn't like getting in trouble. I never really partied in high school either.

We grew up in a small city in Colorado, Loveland. Life was simple and easy there. Our families were very connected and wholesome.

If someone were to watch our life, they would see we were nothing too interesting, or at least I wasn't.

We agreed to go to college together at CU Boulder, where we both got accepted. Though I got a full ride scholarship to the school due to my academics Sarah still attended. Her family had money to spend, and college was a big deal.

One of the highlights of my senior year was finding out we got to room together. Working hard was never a choice for me, it was always a necessity. In order to keep my scholarship I had to stay out of trouble and keep good grades.

Our room was simple. I had a loft bed, a desk underneath the raised bed. Sarah had a normal bed and a desk next to her side. She was messy, you could tell by looking at all the clothes everywhere.

"I'm back!" Her singing voice comes to me. I turn from the kitchen counter and see she has groceries. "I went grocery shopping!" She smiles.

Her blonde hair was a mess from the wind, but she still managed to look gorgeous. Sarah was always beautiful, boys lined up for her.

"Oh good." I laugh. "So you skipped class?" I raise an eyebrow, I often felt like the mother in our relationship or the older sister.

"Well... Someone had to get groceries." She laughs setting the bags down on the counter. Sarah's parents were wealthy and offered to help pay for the large dorm room.

We had our own bathroom, a small closet to share, a kitchen, and then the bedroom. It was a nice dorm considering the alternatives.

I had decorated the place for the most part. Some wall décor, a few pictures strung up around the plain white walls.

"So how was class?" She asks pulling me from my thoughts. I shrug and help her unload the groceries.

"Psych is great, still pretty sure I want to go into event planning though. How was... shopping?"

"Fun, daddy send me a card with money for groceries so thought I'd break it in!" She explains as she shoves food into the cabinets. "So um... I ran into someone at the store." Her tone is careful and I'm scared to figure out why.

"Oh yeah?" I try not to sound interested in her story as she nods.

"Yeah um..." She bites her lip and I can tell she isn't sure what to say to me. "Listen I know you've been closed off since everything but... I got invited to this frat party tonight, it's supposed to be huge!" She blurts out.

I widen my eyes, I didn't expect that coming from her, well actually I did. But the way she was building up to it made me feel like it was awful news.

"Oh, are you going to go?"

"Only if you go." She says firmly, her eyes turn to me and stare me down. I laugh and shake my head,

"Sare you know how I feel about parties." I look down to the groceries and put the rest away as she stares at me.

"Please? It's the first party of the year! It's going to be huge? Please? Pretty please? I'll do anything! I'll go to class for now on! I'll take you shopping! I'll-"

"Okay." I interrupt her, while giggling hysterically at her bribes. "I'll go if you stop offering me things." Her eyes brighten and she sticks out her pinky.

"Promise you won't back out." She raises an eyebrows as a challenge. I roll my eyes and take her pinky with mine.

"Promise." though I grew to regret those words....

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