Chapter 8

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Previously on 'The Vampires Mate' :

Erza: Natsu Dragneel get the hedgehog over here and tell Juvia exactly what you told us!

Natsu: you see Juvia when a vampire claims someone it really means that-

Juvia: I wonder what he had to tell me . I'll shrug it off for now .

Mira : are you guys official ?

Juvia: I look up to see...


I look up to see Natsu and he doesn't look very pleased with the look he has on his face . I stand up to realize he's looking ahead of me . "Natsu are you okay?" i ask him worried . He shakes his head and pulls me close to him . I look ahead of us to see Lucy and her gang walking from the entrance of the school .

I gulp and Natsu tightens his grip on me . "Stay close ..." he whispers in my ear . I nod my head . If there is one person I am afraid of is Lucy Heartbitchia . Oops I meant Hearfilia . My bad but it's true she is mean to everyone even some of the seniors bow down before her . Like take a chill pill ya aint Nicky Minaj . Nicky may have a fake body but she is a chill person and she's cool to her personality is awesome .

Back to Lucy Slutfilia . I look up at Natsu as he quickly turns around and pulls me away and starts walking off still holding me . I sigh in relief as the sight of her dissapears. Natsu seems to notice and strokes my hair softly . I let out a breath i didn't know i was holding . "It's okay , she won't hurt you. "he says . It's kind of hard to believe it when she keeps sending notes and threatening me whenever she sees me . Yes she still keeps doing this and I haven't told Natsu because I know he would kill her and I do not wish for anyone to die because of me .

Suddenly I feel very lightheaded and extremly dizzy the next thing i know is that I lose my balance and fall . "Juvia!" I hear Natsu call out for me but I slip away into pure darkness .

Timeskip to where she wakes up  :

Beep . Beep. Beep. Beep . Beep . I groan to the sound of the annoying alarm clock or so I thought was an alarm clock . When I finally get to open my eyes I'm blinded by a bright light . I look to at my sorroundings to see that I'm in a  hospital . I hear groaning and I look to my side to see Natsu waking up from the looks of it he looks pretty tired . He looks at me and suddenly stands up and walks out .

I suddenly feel sad he didn't say a word to me ...I think he's gone and left until the door opens and him and a doctor walk in .
"Juvia Lockser . Nice to see you're finally awake . How do you feel?" the doctor asks me politely . I nod my head yes and say "I'm feeling fine . What happened ?" i ask him unsure of the events that took place while i blacked out i think it was . "I'll let this nice young man do the explaining . Later on I'll b checking up on you to make sure there were no real damages or any urgent injuries. Good day miss Lockser . " The doctor walks out .

"So...can you explain to me what's going on?" i say awkwardly ,scared that Natsu hates me . "I thought I lost you Juvs...I was so scared to live a life without you I panicked and I rushed you over to the hospital...Y-you were bleeding from your nose and I couldn't hear your hearbeat . Juvia don't ever scare me like that ..." he says and hugs me tightly . I'm shocked but hug back .

"N-Natsu...You don't have to worry ...I may not be immortal like you but I promise you I won't die unless you don't love me anymore and never wanna see me again . I love you Natsu Dragneel ,and I never wanna leave you but sadly I'll die ....someday I will but I can assure you not today . Not tomorrow and certainly not any day for years from now on . I promise . " I whisper to him while hugging him tightly .

"You don't have to die ever Juvia...there is a way...but I'm not taking that choice away from you. I'm not gonna make you go through the suffering that I went through . You don't need to go through the pain nor guilt that I felt for hundreds of years. " He pulls away and looks me in the eyes holding my hands . "Juvs you are the love of my life . Baby there has been something I have been meaning and dreading to tell you . " he says .

I nod my head yes for him to continue while I raise an eyebrow at him curiously . "Juvia Lockser you are my life . My other half . Witthout you the world has no spin . Without you my life has no meaning . You have given me hope to continue when I felt like giving up ; and I want you to know that you are my mate . You are the one for me . I need to know if you're ready for this . If you're ready to give yourself to me completely . Because if you aren't I'll accept that and set you free because that's how much I love you . But if you are  then tell me . I will make sure you live a happy life with me . I will love you . Spoil you and make sure you live a great life by my side . Now all I need to know is if your answer is yes ?" he looks at me in the eyes with so much love and passion .

I slowly blink and nod my head yes . "Yes. Yes! Yes! Yes! " I throw myself at him and hug him tightly . He stumbles back , we both fall off the bed and end up on the floor me ontop . He suddenly slightly pulls away and kisses me roughly and passionately . I kiss him back . I'm his mate . I'm his mate and the love of his life and I couldn't be more happier .

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