Prank You Very Much

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“Bree, will you please slow down! I can’t understand a word you’re saying!”

Another round of endless chatter came from the other side of my phone. Bree had called me thirty minutes after I had finished making dinner talking at a hundred miles per hour. The only words I could get from her were the words were Stupid, Brothers and Prank.

“Bree!” I yelled at the top of my lungs. I heard her take a deep breath before exhaling.

“What?!” She yelled back.

“Will you please calm down,” I cooed hoping it would do the trick.

Bree sighed again “Sorry Katie. It’s just I always end up getting in the cross fire of Adam and Chase’s stupid prank war. Last night Adam rigged my capsule with fifty gallons of expired milk. I will be scrubbing chunks out of my hair for a least a week!”

“So what are you going to do?”

I could hear the smirk grow on her face “Mr. Davenport is helping me build the most insane prank ever. I just have to be careful because Leo’s grandma is coming to visit,” Bree then gasped “You should totally help me get back at them!”

“Why? They haven’t pranked me yet.”

“It’s one reason why you should prank them first. I mean, think about Katie. You need to strike before Chase ends up getting you first. See how he likes it.”

I sighed and thought it over. Chase did have a tendency to be a little over the top when it came to pranking people. Thankfully he hadn’t tried it on me but I can’t help but think Bree is right. What if he decides to prank me first?

“Alright, I’m in.”

Bree squealed “Perfect and if they ask who was involved and it doesn’t work, I will take all the blame.”

“You would do that?”

“Of course,” she said “This is my idea and you’re just my accomplice. Besides, I know you would do the same thing for me. You wanna know why? It’s because you’re my best friend.”

The front door opened and closes and I figured my dad was home “I’m touched Bree,” I cooed “But, hey, I’ll see you tomorrow. My dad just got home.”

“Okay,” She chirped “Till tomorrow.”


The next morning I walked into the lab to find my best friend scrubbing the floor “Bree, what are you doing?”

“Pranking my brothers,” she said like it was the most obvious think in the world “You should step behind the table. Everywhere else is covered in grease.”

I moved behind the table top when the doors opened. Bree shot up and leaned against the side of the table “Oh, uh, hey guys.” Bree placed her hand on her hip “What are you up to?”

“Six feet and two inches,” Adam said and looked over to Chase “Oh you don’t have to answer. I know growing has been a life long struggle for you.”

Chase stopped him “Wait a second; whoopee cushion,” Chase pointed to the desk chair then to the ceiling “a bucket of ice water,” then down to the floor “greased floor. Nope nothing suspicious here.” Bree sighed in defeat and rolled her eyes.

“Seriously, do you think I was born tomorrow?” Adam asked as he and Chase walked closer to us, hands in their pockets.

Bree groaned in aggravation while folding her arms “I hate you guys. But I am so gonna get you back.”

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