Perry 2.0

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The bell for locker break rang and I fast walked down the hallway just as Chase and Leo were coming down the stairs. All three of us collided with each other and I almost fell on my butt if it hadn’t been for Chase who caught me just in time.

“Whoa! Where are you off too Speedy Gonzales?”

I brushed down my top before playfully glaring in Leo’s direction “I don’t want to be late for Science again.”

“Morning germ sacks!”

I groaned and Chase chuckled “Looks like you are going to be late,” he said and I pinched his arm. He jumped not expecting it and I had to bite my lip from laughing at his face.

Principal Perry continued to talk through an old microphone attached to the world’s smallest amplifier “I know you’ve all been complaining that the technology isn’t quite…” The microphone malfunctioned as Perry tried to fix it. She cleared her throat and spoke again “Isn’t quite…” it malfunctioned again and she hit it against her palm. A loud screeched echoed through the halls and everyone, including me, covered their ears. Perry looked sheepish “State of the art,” she continued “So, thanks to yours truly, we’re getting cutting edge equipment for the whole school to enjoy. JoJo, Betty, come girls, let’s wheel it like it’s hot!”

Both lunch ladies wheeled in something with a silver sheet over it and Perry said “Behold Mission Creek High’s brand new media center!” The sheet was pulled off to reveal a century old television set and VHS player. Nobody uses VHS tapes anymore! Those things are extinct like the dinosaurs.

“I don’t think you can call it technology if you have to change the channel with a pair of pliers,” Leo said.

“Why do I smell Formaldehyde?”

“Cause I found it on a curb outside the morgue,” Oh that’s gross and disturbing on so many levels!

“I’m getting all my Christmas presents there too. Aunt Dolly’s getting sheets.”

Poor Aunt Dolly, I thought, she’ll never know her niece is a no good cheap skate.

Chase pointed to the television “How is this thing new?”

“It’s new to you lady face,” Perry retorted and walked away.

“You would think she’d be fired all ready,” I muttered and then quickly went to my locker. Chase trailed behind me.

“Why are you in such a hurry? Class doesn’t start for another fifteen minutes. You have plenty of time,” He wrapped his arms around my torso and placed his forehead against mine “Plenty of time to kiss your boyfriend.”

“We can’t,” I replied “Perry’s coming back.”

Chase groaned and muttered how great timing our principal was.

“Okay,” we heard and joined the group again “let’s fire up the media center!”

She plugged it in and an old stand by screen popped up for a few minutes. It then started sparking and the lights went out “Minor setback,” she said “for the record, you all look much better in this light.”

“Great,” I said “How long are the lights going to be out?”

“The backup power generator should kick in soon,” Chase said, his hand held in mine “But since we’re in the dark…”

I giggled and kissed him quickly on the lips. He groaned again before Leo spoke up next to us.

“It may be dark but no one wants to hear you two swapping spit. It’s just gross.”

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