An Eye For An Eye

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AN: Geez! I read some of your comments and they were really it doesn't bother me. Just shows me how much you like my writing =). Thanks for those by the way. When I ask you all's insane! Anyway onto the chapter...

The throbbing in my head was worse as I opened my eyes. I ran my hand over the back of my head and gasped slightly when I felt a wet substance covering my hand. Blood. And it was my blood too. My heart beat quickened as I struggled to sit up and looked around at my surroundings. Where the hell was I? All I remember was calling Chase to come over before everything went black. Oh God! Chase! I left him on the phone. What if he heard all of the screaming?!

Then I boyfriend was bionic. Maybe there was a little hope after all. surroundings.

Aww, who am I kidding. Pitch black and my eyes are still foggy from the blow to the head.

It was pitch black as I struggled with the rope that was tied, tightly might I add. around my wrists and shins preventing me from moving. I grunted as I struggled.

"You're not getting out of those bonds, lovely. I made sure of it."

"Where am I? Who are you? What's going on?" Questions busted out of me uncontrolled. I felt my cheek sting as a hand collided with my face. I gasped at the impact.

"Enough with the questions," the man snarled at me. I could tell it was male from how deep it was. The same man who was following me from the alley "You'll find out soon enough."


Back with the Davenport's...

"Does anyone else want to know what this Jacob guy wants from kidnapping Katie?" Leo asked after a few moments of silence. They found out that Aaron Jacobs use to work for Katie's dad before the fire but was fired for stealing money from the company. He was only twenty five when he was fired.

"I think we'll find out soon. Everyone get in your mission suits. It's time."


"My name is Aaron Jacobs," the man said "I use to work for your dad at his company."

The kidnapper, I mean, Aaron turned on the lights. He had dark brown hair and vivid green eyes. If it had not been for the shape of his face and the freckles under his eyes, I would have thought it was Marcus who kidnapped me. But Marcus is my friend. He would never do something like this.

"Aaron Jacobs," I muttered to myself. Why did that name sound so familiar?

Wait. No, it couldn't have been.

"Weren't you that guy who stole money from my father's business?"

Aaron sneered and  scoffed "No," he said "I was wrongfully accused! I was an honest employee! But did you dad give me a chance to explain? No! He fired me and I lost the best job I could ever have."

"Why are you doing this? For revenge?" I asked.

He smiled down at me and I cringed "An eye for an eye, right?" he said "After I got fired, you're father made damn sure that no other company would hire me. So I went jobless for a month and planned out my revenge. What a wonderful way to get that revenge then kidnap his only daughter, huh?"

"You do know you're going to be arrested, right? They will come for me once they know I'm missing."

Aaron shrugged his shoulders as if that didn't effect him in any way "Let them come for me then. All I want is to see the face of the man who ruined my life see his only daughter die before his very own eyes. How's that for guilt? I wanna see him beg before I cut open your throat!"

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