Never Been This Lucky Before

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AN: This is the last 'made up' chapter of season 2. I hope you all liked them! Anway I think, in my opinion, that there is a lot of fluff in this one.

My house was pact from busy lawyers from my dad’s firm. Apparently there was this huge oil spill downtown and about fifteen workers from the factory are suing the company. That’s why everyone is here. To settle a million dollar case that I wanted no part of. So I slipped through the front door. No one noticed I was gone. Heck, I don’t think anyone noticed that I was there watching people freak out.

I sighed and breathed in the cool afternoon air before pulling out my cellphone to call the one person who I knew would pick up my calls: Bree.

Her phone rang a couple times before I heard Bree’s bubbly voice from the other side “Hey bestie! What’s up?”

“Do you think I could come over? My dad is working on this big case about the oil spill and my house is currently hosting a suing party. Too many people in one house and I’m getting a little claustrophobic.”

“Sure!” Bree chirped “Come over whenever you want.”

“Thanks Bree,” I said before hanging up and walking down the road to the Davenport’s mansion. When I got there, Chase and Bree were waiting for me by the door. I chuckled to myself and shook my head before making my way up the driveway.

“Well look who decided to show her pretty little self-up,” Chase chuckled before kissing my temple.

“Oh please,” I rolled my eyes and smiled at Bree “You saw me a couple of days ago.”

Chase simply shrugged his shoulders and kissed my forehead “That’s too long.”

Bree gagged “I think I’m gonna be sick with all this lovey dovey mush.”

Chase rolled his eyes “Shut it Bree,”

Inside all three of us were met with Leo suspended upside down with Adam holding his ankle all while shaking him “Look guys, my own personal midget piggy bank!”

“Tell him to put me down! Tell him to put me down now!” Leo cried.

I rolled my eyes “You heard him Adam.”

Adam smirked before dropping Leo to the floor with a thud. Leo groaned in pain as Adam laughed “Gently would have been another word to add in there Katie. Ow! My poor buttocks.”

Adam cackled and Chase took my hand and pulled me into his arms “So why was Leo being suspended in the air?”

Bree rolled her eyes “Adam wanted money for the gumball machine at the mall. He asked Leo for change and Leo refused to give him any. So, naturally, Adam took matters into his own hands.”

“What?” Adam shrugged “Sharing is caring.”


I spent hours hanging out at the Davenport’s home. From Mr. Davenport showing off his new invention to solving another argument between siblings, things were never dull. I only got to spend a little time with Chase though and even after so long of discovering his new ability, Mr. Davenport set aside hour long sessions with Chase to enhance his power.

I am so proud of how far Chase has come with his bionics. He once told me after a difficult session with Mr. Davenport how I was his little cheerleader. I kind of already thought I was whenever I would listen in on missions, just watching over my family.

Bree and Adam were in a debate about something and I just sat on the couch and watched in amusement. Some witty remarks were thrown back and forth until Bree said something that stumped Adam. He stood there for a couple minutes trying to comprehend what the heck she was talking about. I couldn’t help it and started laughing at him. Bree joined me on the couch as we both rolled over in laughter as Adam shrugged his shoulders and left us. Leo soon found us “What’s up with you two?” That, alone, caused us to laugh even harder.


Soon Chase found us and Bree rolled her eyes “I’m just gonna go. Goodbye lovebirds.”

“Love you too Bree!” I called and she waved over her shoulder.

Once she was gone, Chase plopped down on the couch and wrapped one arm around my shoulders while the other held my necklace in the palm of his hand. I noticed him looking at it and I smiled “I never take it off.”

“I would hope so. That took me forever to save up for,” He looked back at me and smiled “But you’re worth it love. I love you Katie.”

“I love you too Chase,” I told him quietly before he kissed me. His hand let go of the necklace and placed it behind my head. I tilted my head a little and kissed him deeply. My hands made their way to his head and I ran my fingers through his hair. Chase let out a soft moan and I pulled away with a smirk on my face.

“What?” Chase’s face went red and I smirked knowing I could cause him to act this way.

“Did you just moan?”

“Depends,” He kissed me again “Do you like it when I moan?”

Now it was my turn to blush.

Chase smirked and placed a hand on my cheek “I’m gonna take that as a yes.”

He captured my lips again but this time he pushed me softly on the couch and was hovering over me. I blushed again from the new contact. We had never made out on the couch before and it was completely different… but the good kind of different.

I pushed against Chase’s chest “We should stop before someone catches us like this,” I whispered against his lips which were still moving against mine.

“I don’t want too,” He replied.

I pushed him a little harder “Well too bad,” He got off of me and instead pulled me on his lap. His lips went back to mine and I had to wrap my arm around his neck and hold the side of his face for balance. His hands wrapped around my waist and I sighed against his lips contently.

I was lucky…so incredibly lucky.

AN: One more chapter and this book is finished! Yay!

On another note: I have read your comments to my authors note and have thought it over. I have caved and decided that I WILL do season 3. WHOOP WHOOP! But I am NOT taking requests from people. I'm NOT going to add in new characters unless it's from the show. People have been asking and I just don't want to turn the story into something completely different. Plus, it's overwhelmed me at how many people want to be apart of it...I'm flattered but I just won't do it.

I thank all of you have read this story from start to finish! Love you guys!

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