Leo vs. Evil

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AN: Yay! I updated! Enjoy!

Another day of pointless schoolwork had gone by and the bell rang. The Davenport’s and I walked down the stairs into the hallway when Chase challenged Adam in arm wrestling. Even I knew this was going to only end in disaster.

“Chase,” Leo said “There is no way you can beat Adam in arm wrestling. It’d be like a chicken wrestling an alligator. All we hear is a cock-a-doodle crunch.”

Adam and Bree started laughing “He’s right bro,” Adam said “Your spaghetti arms are no match for these meatballs.” He then began kissing his arms and a couple of students stopped what they were doing to watch.

“Hey, when you’re done kissing your girlfriends, let’s do this.” Chase told him.

Chase and Adam got in their stances and Bree backed us up a little from them “Better back up guys. You’re in the splatter zone.”

“Okay,” Leo started off “I wanna clean match. No whining, screaming, crying or tap outs,” he looked to Chase “I’m looking at you Chase.”

“Three, two, one! Go.”

Chase licked his hand and Adam went down grossed out by the action.

Adam reeled back “Ugh! Hey!” Adam complained “No fair! He licked his hand!” Adam then wiped Chase’s spit on Bree’s shirt.

Chase started laughing “Haha exactly! Clever beats strong any day!”

Leo held up Chase’s arm “Chase wins!” I was grossed out because that was the hand that he licked. I guess Leo remembered because “Wait which hand did you lick?” Chase pointed to the one he was holding and almost gagged.

“That one,” Chase said and Leo cringed and wiped his hand on Chase’s sleeve and went to the other side of him and held up his other arm “Chase wins!”

Marcus came down the stairs “Hey guys! How’s it going?”

I looked to Leo expecting a comeback and guess what? I was right!

“Ooh bundle up everyone. It just got partly creepy with a hundred percent chance of annoying.”

“Oh,” Adam asked “Am I gonna need my umbrella for that?”

“So you guys wanna hang out at my house after school? We just got a sick new flat screen.” Marcus asked. He looked to me and smiled “You can come to Katie!”

Marcus is such a sweetheart. I don’t know why Leo has this notion that Marcus is evil?

Everyone, including me, oohed at the idea of the flat screen but Leo had other ideas “Is it as sick as you make me because that’d be pretty sick.”

“We’d love to hang out today!” Chase said and I smiled.

“Chase is too polite to say it so I’ll say it for him; you’re a lunatic and we’re leaving.” Leo pushed us towards the door and we all complained.

Chase grabbed my hand as we walked down the school pathway. I quickly snatched it back and he complained. Adam and Bree saw this and started laughing.

“Look Chase, she finally saw some sense!” Adam joked and I smacked upside the head “Ow! What was that for?”

I ignored his complaint and saw some hurt on Chase’s face “Sorry,” I said “but until you wash your hands, I am not going to touch them.”

Chase scoffed “We kiss all the time. What’s so different?”

I couldn’t find a reasonable answer without sounding like a stupid person “Just wash your hands Chase.” I grumbled.


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