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Mike's POV

Seven months. That's how long its been. Seven months where I haven't been able to think of anything or anyone but her. We kissed once when I admitted my feelings for her. That was the absolute best and worst night of my life. I also invited her to the Snow Ball.
I had this great vision in my head of what would happen. Eleven would move in, Hopper or Joyce would adopt her, Nancy would be like her sister. Me? I would be El's boyfriend. We'd eat Eggos together and watch movies. Stay up late just talking. Everything would be perfect. El and I are made for each other...and now she's gone.
Seven months ago she used her powers to defeat the Demogorgon. She knew what her fate would be, I feel. She used her powers and killed the demogorgon, but she went with it in the process. I know she isn't dead. She's out there somewhere...I just can't figure out where.

My best friends, Dustin, Lucas and Will know everything that happened between Eleven and I. Lucas and Dustin are really supportive as they knew all along, so they say at least. Will is happy for me but has never met El, so he doesn't know how incredible she really is. We've told him the stories of our adventures though, and he says she sounds awesome.

The boys also know how depressed I've been since she went missing. I miss her so much. Sometimes I cry myself to sleep. I can't concentrate in school either. I just want her back.

We search for her every single day, with the help of Chief Hopper when he's available

Dustin, and I are currently sitting in science class. We had decided to take some extra science classes with Mr. Clarke to help us in our search for Eleven. A few other kids were here too.
Thankfully, today's the last day before summer break. Dustin and I are passing notes as Mr. Clarke teaches. We're talking about our plans of looking around for El. After school we're going to meet up with Lucas and Will and keep searching. We haven't found anything so far even after seven months, but I refuse to give up and the boys want to help me. 
I personally think El might be in the Upside Down but we don't know for sure. All we need is a clue. One single clue to help us.

The bell finally rings and school is out for the summer. Thank goodness.

Dustin and I get our books together and walk out, saying goodbye to Mr. Clarke I'm our way.  Grabbing the rest of our supplies for school and searching from our lockers we go to our bikes so we can meet Lucas and Will.
When we get to our meeting place they're already there waiting. Getting on our bikes we're about to ride off when Troy comes up to us.
"Look." I say "If you came to tease us then scram."

"Don't worry. I haven't come to be rude. I just wanted to apologize. I know how hard things are for you lately." To say I was shocked was an understatement. This was the kid that had bullied us for years. I knew something was off.
"Psyche! Oh, you should've seen yourself frogface!" Troy suddenly yells using his nickname for me.
I was surprised he dared say anything at all. Especially after El had made him pee his pants, and broke his arm. She had practically made him and his friend both shit their pants.

"Shut up, you idiot." Dustin cries in outrage.

"No, you shut up, Toothless." Troy replies mimicking Dustin's voice annoyingly.

"Let's just go guys." I suggest, my heart breaking a little.

"Awe is Frogface running off? No girlfriend to protect him this time."

His words sting really bad. I try not to listen but I'm filled with outrage.

With a battle cry, I launch myself at Troy, knocking him to the ground. I punch his face with all my strength over and over.

I'm pulled off of him suddenly by Dustin and Lucas. "Just let it go, man. Before we get in trouble." Dustin mutters to me. I can tell he's holding back a smile though.

Calming down a bit, I look at the ground to see Troy on the ground. His face is bloody and bruised. Guilt and satisfaction both course through me at the same time. I did that. I took control and really hurt him.... Not that I really cared.

"Fine." I answer bitterly. We get on our bikes and ride off.

When we're a little ways away, Dustin tells us all to stop.

We all do and look at him.

"Mike." He says. "That was freaking awesome!"

"Thanks." I reply, trying to sound happy.
I'm not thinking about that though. Instead my brain is caught thinking about a certain someone.

I miss El. I miss everything about her. Her smile, her face, her personality, even her powers. She made me feel complete. While Will was missing she helped us so much. We'd never have found him without her. She just made my whole world better. When i'd kissed her the sparks and fireworks were there and everything. She was my other half.

I'm snapped out of my thoughts by Will. He looks at me with understanding. "You okay?" He asks. "No." I answer honestly.
"We'll find her Mike. We will." He comforts me.

We climb back on the bikes and head off again.

As we're biking we all start to talk among ourselves. Will had never gotten to meet El, but he said she sounded great. Speaking of Will, he didn't seem the same anymore. Sometimes he'd go quiet and stare off and he'd suddenly start panicking as if he was having flashbacks. He refused to talk about it though.

Anyway we were searching for El when suddenly ahead I saw the figure of a girl. It was El! "Eleven!" I cried.

Dustin looked at me confused at first, but then he seems to realize what happened. "Mike, there's no one here. It was a hallucination." Realization dawned on me and tears sprang into my eyes. Dustin noticed and stopped everyone again. We got off our bikes and everyone crowded around me in a big group hug. I cried and cried and they just stood there comforting me. They knew why I was crying. Finally, the tears stopped flowing . "You okay man?" Dustin asked softly

"No, no i'm not..." I reply honestly once again. They give me an understanding look and we all get on our bikes again. We bike off and search for hours and hours. We search until dark before heading home. Everyone was staying at my place. We'd had sleepovers basically every weekend since the battle and El's disappearance. We alternate houses and this weekend its my house. Our parents allow it since we're best friends. They don't know El and I kissed though.

When we get back to my house we go into the basement where we set up a fort. After we're done we go upstairs to eat. My mom made enchiladas which was a favorite of mine, but tonight I just can't eat. Memories of El keep floating around in my mind. The one that sticks out most is the one of our kiss.

My mom notices I'm not eating and asks to talk to me in private. "Mike, you need to eat. You've lost so much weight already." That was true, where i'd used to weigh 96 pounds I now only weighed 79

"I know. I just can't stop thinking about El." I answered truthfully.

"Honey, I need to know did something happen between you and El to make you like her so much?"

"No, we just went through a lot together. Without her we never would've found Will. I really liked her." I answered only half lying.

"Oh honey, you'll find her. I know you will."

"I sure hope you're right." I murmur softly

We returned to the table where I manage to eat most of my food. After we were all done we went back into the basement. Suddenly an idea struck me...


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