Genji x Reader; Pranks

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Requested by @Cammy_yet_again

Inspired by an Overwatch comic I saw ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Your POV

Genji and I have made the decision to pull a prank on his brother, Hanzo. 

"How can you live with this thing on?" I say as I finish putting on the fake Genji suit Winston had created for me.

"It's a part of me. You get used to it." He responds casually.

"Well, here goes." I enter a room, finding Hanzo sitting on his knees. He turns around and shoots an arrow, nearly hitting me.

"W-Woah. It's me, your brother." I try my best to imitate his voice.

"You are not my brother." Hanzo glares at me. I was shocked at how he knew so quickly.

"But of course," I say smiling and taking my helmet off.

"FOR I AM YOUR SISTER! ONII-CHAN!" I exclaim at him. A faint laugh from Genji was heard from behind the wall.

"Wh-Wha..." Hanzo has never looked so confused. Then he gave me an expression of love and came over to me.

"Must I take you on a-"


We both look over to Genji, startled.

"I She's coming with me." He said as he pulls me away. I felt bad for bringing Hanzo into such a confused state.

"What was that? I wasn't done pranking him." I crossed my arms.

"I-It's just that..." The green ninja started but then sighed.

"He was going to take you out but...I want you for myself."

I look at him, surprised yet flattered.

"Genji! I didn't know you...felt this way." I blush with him.

"N-No, I'm sorry. I'll leave you alone." He turns to make an exit but I grab his wrist.

"I think...I like you too." I confess which makes him take off his mask. He smiles and puts his lips on mine. I was a little bit hesitant but I kissed back slowly.

After a few moments, we pull back. He was compassionate but I knew he wanted more so I let him dig into my neck.

"I'll see you tomorrow, Y/N. You know what we have to do." Genji puts his mask back on and leaps away like the ninja he is.

- The Next Day -

"Are you ready?" Genji asks.

"Y-Yeah..I don't know if I want to do this."

"It'll be fine, Y/N."

"But what if someone finds out?"

"Don't worry, they won't. It'll be quick."

"Alright." I sigh and I look at him putting it in.

The CD slid into Soldier's music player, replacing his old one. (I got you, didn't I?)
I put the volume on max.

We scurry away and watch as Soldier 76 come in with Tracer, Mercy, McCree, Hanzo, Lucio, D.Va, and Reinhardt. Oh this is going to be sooooo good.

"Alright, everyone. I'll have you listen to some lessons-"

"WAKE ME UP! WAKE ME UP INSIDE, CAN'T WAKE UP! WAKE ME UP INSIDE, SAAAVE MEEE!" The speakers blasted as everyone put their hands over their ears until 76 turned it off.

Reaper came flying in, knowing he has been summoned.

"Haha! Some lesson!" D.Va laughed with everyone else.

- D.Va's Prank -

"Shhhh!" I hushed Genji as D.Va comes to eat her Doritos. When she ate a chip, she immediately spit it out.

"Ewww! DAD!" She screamed. Soldier 76 came in.

"What? And don't call me that..." He said.

"Someone put a bunch of salt in my Doritos!" She cried. 76 sighed and went to get a new bag.

Genji and I fist bumped and laughed quietly.

- Reinhardt's Prank -

"Time to test out my new hammer!" Reinhardt brought his weapon above his head and swung down as hard as he could. Everyone was amazed until...


"What the...." He looked at him hammer and squished it. It was a rubber toy.

Everyone laughed, including Reinhardt.

"You're a good pranker, Y/N." Genji said.

"Well, we are good prankers." I stated.

"And that's why I love you."

Sorry for it being so short. I've got a lot of more requests up ahead of me. Also, thanks for reading! I hope you are enjoying these stories.

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