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The Two Gunslingers (Jesse Mccree x Reader) by FlameWolf111
The Two Gunslingers (Jesse FlameWolf111
You were Young when you First met Jesse Mccree. He was a year older than you, making him sixteen. At first impression you could care less about him and his gang, but aft...
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Baby 76 (OverWatch x Baby!Reader) by PyroMax
Baby 76 (OverWatch x Baby!Reader)by Max
Little stories with a Baby! Reader and the Overwatch
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OverWatch Lemons by FanFic_Master101
OverWatch Lemonsby FanFicMaster101
☠ Warning ☠ This Fanfiction is a lemon/smut means it contains sexual themes. Request are always open. Sorry if my grammar is incorrect, English is my second language. Sl...
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McCree x reader by our-love-forever
McCree x readerby -love n' you-
A mix of small McCree x reader scenarios/drabbles that I have answered on my writing blog (still going)
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Overwatch Headcanons Compilation (1) by imagines-hub
Overwatch Headcanons Compilation ( Beanji
A series of headcanons in line-by-line fashion regarding characters from the popular game Overwatch. These pieces have been archived from my Overwatch Tumblr blog, overw...
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Overwatch OneShots... or OneShits... by A_lil_uwu
Overwatch OneShots... or Shea Lachance
If It isnt edited sorry, Busy Af. If you dont read the disc ur fucking missing something and Should start cause Im dlnot doing requests.
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Overwatch: Reaper x Miraculous user reader x Solider 76 X Mccree by user14992466
Overwatch: Reaper x Miraculous
Y/N is the last of her blood alive. She is a Miraculous user and carries the blood of the 13th zodiac called Ophiucus. The leaders of Blackwatch and Overwatch finds her...
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Vampire reaper x reader by SpazzingCookies
Vampire reaper x readerby Melbell
Every town had killer vampires, but the one vampire you can't service from is the king, so what happens when he let's you live as he slowly kills everyone around you.
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overwatch x reader by Jinxuo
overwatch x readerby jinx
original overwatch one shots
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Overwatch x Reader Oneshots (Requests Closed) by LadySpudling
Overwatch x Reader Oneshots ( Lady Spudling
Obviously what the title says. Any character is allowed. Whether it's boy or girl, I'll do it. Request away!
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Overwatch (Various) X Reader by Kittyhugsyou
Overwatch (Various) X Readerby 「Indo」
»〔Requests are open!〕« ★☆One-Shots with all your favorite Overwatch waifus and husbandos! I'll be doing all heroes at least once, though highly requested characters can...
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Overwatch x Female Reader (Couple Scenarios) by TheMissingDeadGirl
Overwatch x Female Reader ( Missing Girl
Want to know what your life is like with your dream Overwatch character then you have come to the right place hope you enjoy in. Also new to this so I hop I do well and...
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Demoted || Genyatta by Lost_And_Insane
Demoted || Genyattaby ××/Sαm\××
Genji has worked for Blackwatch ever since he was murdered by his own brother, being one of their highest ranking officers. However, after Genji makes a drastic mistake...
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In Hindsight... (McHanzo) | Bodyguard AU | ✔️   by Flutterbolt667
In Hindsight... (McHanzo) | FlutterFreely
Jesse McCree knew this mission was going to end in flames as soon as Reyes assigned it to him. What he didn't know is that those flames would be blue, hurt like hell, a...
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JESSE (Mcree X Fem Reader) | Completed by ZiaGalaxaria24
JESSE (Mcree X Fem Reader) | {•Ginger•}
Really quickly: This is an Overwatch fan fiction for people who like cute romances- no lemons here. Ew. I'm *trying* to keep this appropriate for all ages of WattPad us...
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Overwatch One-shots & Preferences: Requests open by SharingIsntCaring
Overwatch One-shots & Sphinx
So, I love Overwatch too much, and I love the characters a lot, so I'm making a book of one-shots b/c there are a lot of them, but I still wanna make them. I take requ...
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Overwatch Boyfriend One Shots by DeadlySheep2212
Overwatch Boyfriend One Shotsby DeadlySheep2212
Genji, Hanzo, Soldier 76, Reaper, and McCree. 50 scenarios and 205 one shots / x Readers. I will do smut if asked.
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Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED] by BoilingHotBeans
Overwatch x Reader [CLOSED]by CerealWater
Just a bunch of Overwatch x Reader fics
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overwatch x reader by ShootingStars666
overwatch x readerby ShootingStars666
Stories about you with certain overwatch characters! (Slow updates)
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Overwatch Daughter Scenarios (Male Members) by TinoraMayra
Overwatch Daughter Scenarios ( エリカあずき
This book is the about you being the child of one of the male members of overwatch. This version involves: Reinhardt Winston Bastion Doomfist Genji Hanzo Junkrat McCree ...
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