4 champions?!

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Harry's POV

As Ron and I watched some of the older students enter their names for the tournament, I couldn't help but wonder where Cassia was. The last time I saw her was right before Hermione dragged the two of us boys down to the library to help us -- Ron, mostly -- with homework. We were planning to meet in the Great Hall for dinner, but Cassia never showed up. I know for a fact that she never skips hanging out with us. Cedric choosing to sit with his fellow housemates also surprised me, given that we had grown accustomed to having him join us at the Gryffindor table during meals. It's true that I considered him a friend. Granted, he was one of few people who believed that Cassia and I were not behind the Chamber of Secrets being opened in our second year.

My train of thought was interrupted when I felt something -- no, someone -- collide with my chest, nearly knocking me to the ground. To my surprise, it was Cassia. She was dripping wet and I could feel her shivering. I hugged her tightly in an effort to warm her up, thinking she was shivering from being cold and wet, but then I saw that her eyes were all red and puffy, and tears were welling up inside them.

"Sis, are you alright? What happened?" I asked.

She sniffled. "Cedric and I had a fight..."

I rubbed her back to try and calm her down. "What was it about?"

"C-Cedric told me h-he was gonna e-enter his n-n-name for the t-tournament, and I told him no, a-and we -- we got into an argument. He -- he called me a control freak, and he said m-maybe our r-r-relationship wasn't going to work out," she sobbed, before burying her face in my sweater.

I looked across the room at Cedric, who was being pushed towards the goblet by three of his friends.

"C'mon, Ced! Put it in!" one of them encouraged.

Cedric looked up at the blue flames and then put in the parchment that had his name written down on it, much to everyone's delight. Everyone applauded except for Ron, Cassia, and myself. I was beyond angry at Cedric for hurting my sister. He is going to regret what he did.

"I'll kill him," I said through clenched teeth.

"I'll join you," Ron told me, cracking his knuckles.

Cassia sniffled again, looking up at us. "Thanks, guys..." she whispered. She was probably afraid that she'd burst into tears again if she raised her voice any higher. Ron and I each kept an arm around her as we resumed watching other students submit their names.

"Eternal glory. Be brilliant, wouldn't it? Three years from now, when we're old enough to be chosen," Ron mused.

I chuckled. "Yeah, rather you than me."

Cassia's POV

Even though I was still upset about the fight Cedric and I had gotten into, being with my brother made me feel a little better. I was really grateful for Harry being a shoulder for me to cry on. And the fact that both him and Ron were willing to hex Cedric into next week...it really means a lot.

Fred and George soon came charging into the Great Hall, shouting "YES!" at the top of their lungs. Ron, Harry, and I joined in on the applause breaking out throughout the Great Hall...at least, from the Gryffindors in the room.

"Well, lads, we've done it," Fred boasted.

"Cooked it up just this morning," George jumped in. I put two and two together in my head, and then realized that they were going to try and use Aging Potion to put their names in for the tournament.

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