Year 2: "Jail"break

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Cassia's POV

I've changed quite a bit since school started last year. For one thing, I got a smidge taller. Plus I grew out my bangs. And the rest of my hair. My summer's just been...okay. Didn't do too much. But I have a problem- I've written to Harry, Hermione, Ron, and Cedric, but I didn't get a single reply from any of them for the ENTIRE summer! Not even a card for mine and Harry's 12th birthday!

That's why, tonight, I was absentmindedly poking at my slice of birthday cake with my fork.

"Cass, are you alright?" Dora asked, interrupting my thoughts.

I looked up at her. "Yeah...just thinking," I replied.

"About what?" Mum/Andromeda asked.

"I've owled my friends and my brother, but they never replied for the entire summer," I admitted.

Dad/Ted put a hand on my shoulder. "Don't fret, Cassia. I'm sure it'll all blow over soon," he assured me, planting a kiss on my cheek. Dora and Mum/Andromeda each gave me a hug as well.

"You're right," I agreed.


After dinner, I grabbed my bathrobe and a couple of towels and took a shower. It helped me forget about not receiving any mail from Harry or my friends. I turned off the water once I was finished, and pulled my bathrobe on. As for my hair, I just towel-dried it and pulled it into a messy bun. I went into my bedroom to change into my pj's, but I stopped right in the doorway when I saw a strange sitting on my bed, reading one of my books. "What the-?" I asked, making the creature jump and the book go flying out of his arms.

The creature looked a little bit like the goblins I've seen at Gringotts, except he was taller and skinnier and he wore what looked like an old, worn-out pillowcase. He looked up at me, its tennis ball-sized eyes meeting my green ones. "Cassia Potter! Such an honor it is to meet Harry Potter's twin," he said, bowing.

I couldn't help but crack a smile at his actions. But then I turned serious again. "Who are you? And what are you?" I asked.

"Dobby, Miss. Dobby the house elf," the creature answered.

I closed the door behind me so my adoptive family wouldn't hear, and I faced Dobby again. "Well, what's a house elf doing here?" I asked, folding my arms.

"Well, Miss, Dobby is forbidden to leave his master's house, Miss," Dobby told me, "But Dobby had to come to warn Harry and Cassia Potter."

"Warn us about what?" I asked, coming over to the bed and kneeling in front of him.

"Harry and Cassia Potter must not return to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry this year," Dobby said.

"What?!" I exclaimed, "Why?"

Dobby had a look of pure terror on his face as he answered, "There is a plot, a plot to make the most terrible things happen! I warned Harry Potter, but he refused to say he would not return to school."

"Wait, what kind of things? Who's behind it?" I asked, taking Dobby's hands in my own.

Dobby immediately started to freak out. "Dobby - cannot - say," he managed to tell me in the midst of his hyperventilating.

I put both my hands on his shoulders. "Dobby. Dobby, calm down. It's okay. I understand if you can't tell me. You don't have to," I told him.

Dobby took several deep breaths and started to calm down. Then he burst into tears. Immediately, I thought I'd hurt him or something, but the smile on his face told me he was fine. "Thank you, Cassia Potter," he said, "You are so much nicer than Dobby's master."

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