Rogue Bludger

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Cassia's POV

The next day was the first Quidditch match of the year, us against Slytherin. And we were losing by 50 points. Neither Malfoy nor Harry had caught the snitch.

One of the Slytherin chasers tried to score, but Wood blocked him. When he tried again, the Quaffle sailed through one of the hoops, and a 'bong' rang throughout the pitch.

"Another goal for Slytherin!" Lee announced. "They lead Gryffindor, 90 to 30!"

The Chaser seemed proud of himself. But if you ask me, he was a little too proud. Typical Slytherins.

I circled the field, watching in case the opposing team tried to cheat by hurting my teammates like they did last year. So far, nothing.

But out of the corner of my eye, I saw one of the Bludgers hurtling in Harry's direction. "Harry, watch out!" I cried.

Harry looked to see the Bludger coming at him and dodged it just in time. Unfortunately, the Bludger started chasing him all over the pitch.

"What the heck?" I muttered to myself as I watched this happen. Fred and George tried to whack the Bludger towards the Slytherin's side, but every time one of them did, the Bludger would boomerang back at Harry.

"Alright there, Scarhead?" I heard Malfoy taunting Harry. I stuck my tongue out at the jerk from where I was, across the way.

Harry dodged the bludger once more, and it went flying out of the stadium.

"Watch yourself, Harry!" Wood shouted, looking over at Harry. In the distance, I could see the bludger starting to return, heading straight for him.

"Wood, look out!" Harry cried. Looks like he saw it, too.

Wood turned just in time to see the Bludger coming at him, but he wasn't fast enough to avoid it. It hit the top of his broomstick, breaking it and sending him to the ground. Once again, the Bludger started chasing Harry. As if that wasn't bad enough, the other Bludger started speeding towards me. On instinct, I swerved to avoid getting knocked off my broom. But then it came back for another go at me. Harry and I flew in every direction, trying to get the Bludgers off our trail. Last I checked, Bludgers weren't supposed to target one individual!

Malfoy flew over to us after we'd just managed to avert the Bludger for a short while. "Training for the ballet, Potters?" he mocked, making me roll my eyes again.

"Shut up! This doesn't concern you!" I snapped at him.

"Sis, we've got trouble," Harry said, gaining my attention. I looked over at him to see he was glancing behind us. Sure enough, he was right. Both Bludgers were coming back at us. We ducked to avoid it. Malfoy obviously saw it too, because he ducked as well. I saw the Snitch right by Malfoy, and Harry chased after it, with Malfoy -- and the Bludger -- hot on his trail.

No matter how many times Fred and George tried to block the other Bludger, it wouldn't stop going in my direction. It's like it was dead set on hitting me.

Whilst flying around the pitch, trying to lose the Bludger, I felt something hit my ankle hard. I heard a loud CRACK and I knew immediately that I'd been hit. Pain spread all throughout my ankle, sending me crashing to the ground below. It was a miracle that I didn't sustain any further injuries. My ankle hurt so much- it was the most painful thing I'd ever experienced. Looking up, I saw the other bludger hit Harry right in the arm as he was reaching for the snitch. He looked like he was in a lot of pain as he continued to pursue the gold ball. He reached out further, but he fell to the ground, landing beside me.

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