Predestined - chapter 6

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Chapter 6.

'What is this?' I asked as I pulled a light brown chiffon dress out of the closet. The dress was literally ankle length and was incredibly well fitted in the chest area like a corset. It seemed to have a slightly low bust line. The skirt part of the dress flowed like water. It was plain, but beautiful. Inside the closet there was a long dark brown cloak, it was floor length and fastened at the neck with a toggle. It was made out of some kind of velvet, it felt soft and luxurious. It looked like something from medieval times.

'That would be you're uniform' Candace replied smoothly. She was stood to my side as I looked at it. 'It's a little plain but you'll be able to do change it slightly with glamour. That is when you learn some of the basics. Glamour for the fey is slightly different than glamour for a witch. It kind of comes more naturally to us whereas you'll have to learn it. The class magical illusions will teach you what you need to know.'

'I actually kind of like the dress.' I said rather quietly.

'Well. It does have a certain charm but you can maybe add some bead trim near the bust line and possibly some sort of pattern of beads on the corset.'

I thought about what she said and actually began to like the idea. I could just see it now. I'd think about it. Maybe I could use the gift the goddess gave me to alter it a little. I didn't get any funny feelings so decided I would try it later. That is after checking with someone that the uniforms can be altered. I didn't want to do it to then get in trouble.

'I'm sorry about earlier by the way. I didn't mean to you know... in the bathroom.'

'Don't worry. When I rang the office they warned you'd probably be ill. It's not as if you could have helped it. When you were in there for more than 15 minutes I started to worry, rang the office, so then Julian came and sent me for food. He got in to you thank goodness and the rest you know.' She responded thoughtfully. 'I should apologise anyhow. It was rude of me to stare at your marks. I've just never heard of anything like it happening. It wasn't very nice of me. I can imagine how uncomfortable it made you feel, so I want to say sorry.'

'Somehow I guess you're not going to be the only one a little interested in my marks' I answered laughing slightly. 'Thanks for apologising though' I answered back.

'I'm surprised they put you in the mind magic and the clairvoyance and foretelling classes. Normally only second and third years do those classes. I can't understand why they'd want you in those classes.'

'Could it be because I've received true sight powers? I apparently received the power from an ancestor. Think it was the same dream I got the marks on my face and hands. The dream I had on the train.'

Candace looked at me slowly for a moment seeming to think over what I'd said and then slowly nodded once. 'That's most likely why you're in those classes.'

'Well. What do we do now?' I asked since our conversation had no more turns to go into really. Candace looked at me and then to her watch.

'Well, it's almost 5 now. Dinnertime is in an hour roughly in the downstairs canteens. Maybe you'd like to go to the common rooms until then? There's TV's and books and I guess you can meet some of the others there too.' She offered politely.

'That sounds good. Should I get changed first?'

'Well. I would advise it. Thing is although you brought your normal clothes from before transition you won't really wear them. Here we wear mostly robes, gowns and dresses for example. I'm guessing you have nothing but the uniform?'

'You'd guess right.' I replied whilst I grimaced slightly. Maybe I could make my own dress. Think of it and create it. 'I might be able to make one but I need to see a picture or know a description... you any good at designing?' I asked back.

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