Predestined - Chapter 7

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Chapter 7.

Candace gradually led me along the maze like hallways of the fairy enclave, arm in arm. I still couldn't help but be amazed at how the whole fairy enclave appeared. It seemed to almost shimmer and sparkle. I was almost hypnotized by the plethora of colours. I could of sworn there were shades that I never knew existed gleaming from the walls and such. Maybe the eye colour change did something to my vision to make things stand out more? I don't know. Suddenly as if by magic we were standing before the fairy enclave door. Candace opened it and held it open as I walked gingerly through. She bounced out after me with such energy I couldn't help but smile. We linked arms again and onward we flowed towards the common rooms. I could feel butterfly's in my stomach so badly I thought I may be sick. Not exactly the look I wanted on my first meeting with people I would be seeing a lot for the next... how many years did Lenora say - 4? Or was it less? Either way It would be so embarassing. Candace slowed down a little and moved slightly in front of me.

'Everything okay ? You're looking a tad pale, We could go back to the room until Dinner if you like?' She was appraising me slowly with too knowing eyes. I knew she could probably tell it was just nerves but I appreciated her not saying it.

'Nah, I'll be fine. Just still feel a bit weak.' I replied gratefully.

She bounced down the last few steps and I followed carefully in the borrowed heeled boots. We came to the dreaded common room door. Which was closed. Candace opened it wide and stepped in ahead of me. I followed and the door closed behind me. Yes, All heads turned to us and several of the groups of people began muttering to each other. I felt my face flush in embarassment. I hated being the topic of conversation like this. Candace stepped in front of me and smiled gently, holding her hand out to me. I looked at it as if it were a lifeline and was unsure wether to take it. She extended her arm and took my hand, span around and linked arms with me and began leading me across the room. People followed our progress, a few of them pointing and muttering things in low tones. The direction that Candace was leading us appeared free of muttering gossips. I wondered if i would of done the same in their shoes. I was after all the new girl. Nevermind. I just have to get through the next few hours or so without breaking down. We slowed down near the couches - of which there were 3, all vacant and surrounding a rich mahogany coffee table. We both sat with our backs to the rest of the room and Candace pulled a mobile phone from out of no-where. Her fingers moved rapidly across the screen gracefully for a few moments and then the phone vanished again.

'Just messaged a few friends. They'll be on their way in a minute' She said with a grin on her face.

We spoke for around 5 minutes about random stuff until finally her friends showed. Can I just say WOW. Candace is good looking in a dainty kind of way but her friends... well. Lets just say I didn't feel worthy to be in their presence. They all looked glamour model hot. Both the girls and the guys. They all seated themselves in the other seating around the table and all greeted us. They all introduced themselves one by one and then all started chatting about the school, how it was, the teachers. They spoke a little about themselves. Time seemed to fly over. I was relieved to at least have met some people that weren't pointing and gawking at me. Seemed some of them were in the same year as me and some were older, like years 2 and 3. Oddly enough a few of them were in the same classes I was enrolled in. When Candace mentioned it to them they all seemed to raise their eyebrows in unison and gave an impressed sort of sound. I couldn't help but feel a little happy at that. We seemed to be talking for ages although it wasn't that long. Finally it seemed it was time for dinner. We all got up and moved onwards to the canteen. We ate, chatted, laughed and before I knew it everyone was clearing out and going back to the dorms. Me and Candace, along with all of her friends, strolled out of the canteen and headed to one of the common rooms. I'm not sure which one. I guess I'd get used to the layout and names at some point. Seemed that we all chatted for a while longer then everyone seemed to split just before 8pm. Homework was most of the reasons so me and Candace went back to our room.

When we got in I went straight to the desk where the phone and laptop julian had brought me were resting. I picked up the phone and started playing with it. Had to get used to it. I found the text compose screen and began typing a text out to julian - Hey julian, it's Raven. Candace said we can alter our uniforms a little... is that true? thanks. I tapped send and then backed out. I glanced at Candace at her desk and strolled over.

'Can I have your mobile number? for my phone?'

'Sure' she said as she rattled a number off the top of her head. I added her, miss called the number and then she added me. I peeked at her laptop and she had a word document open. She was doing some research or homework or something for a class.

'You need to take you laptop to your classes. You'll do most of your classwork on it. Also take this. When you do assignments you save them on your laptop and onto this stick. hand the stick in to the teachers and they will mark your assignments. The school is pretty paperless. They don't believe we should waste paper etcetera.' She said as she passed me a USB memory stick.

I took it and popped it on top of my laptop. I looked at the laptop, then at my backpack. there was no way it was going to fit in there. I let out a rather long and drawn out sigh. Candace glanced at me and gave me a look as if to ask for an explanation. I explained and she grabbed her mobile out from thin air again, dialed a number. And managed to get a laptop case sent over from the supplies department in the administration centre. I was very thankful, and very tired. I mumbled that I was getting tired so made my excuses to go in the bathroom to freshen up ready for bed. Candace made me promise to leave it unlocked in case there was a problem and ended up guilting me into it. I trundled off into the bathroom and quickly but efficiently got cleaned up and changed into some night clothes. I returned to the bedroom and dumped my suitcase in the corner. Dumped my backpack right beside it. Checked my mobile and saw i had a message from julian - You can alter it with beadings and embroidery but altering the length is frowned upon. I'll come by at 8.30am tomorrow and take you to your first class. I'll be with you the whole day to make sure you settle in okay. Lenora doesn't want to risk you falling ill from over exertion. I sighed miserably. Remembering that the last time I'd seen him i felt that unusual response to his booming command. I set the alarm for 7.30am and put the phone on the bedside table.

I shuffled slowly to the closet and pulled out the uniform. I considered the limits i had and decided upon bead trim on the corset - along the bust line and the bottom and some beadwork combined with embroidery on the main part of the corset, in a sort of sunburst pattern but with varying shades of brown swarovski crystals. I looked over the dress. Closed my eyes and imagined what i wanted. I wasn't sure it would work but it was worth a try. I imagined it, felt it, saw it - and held on to the picture with all my might. I opened my eyes and it was fantastic. I gasped in awe. I heard a muffled sound as Candace ran over to see what the deal was.

'Ohhhh, pretty. Very shiny. I love it.'

I smiled and thanked her. and popped it into the closet. Closed it and staggered to bed. Seemed it took a lot of energy to create the pattern on the robe. As soon as i laid down and my head hit the pillows. That was it. I was out for the count.

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