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Sorry if some parts aren't accurate (aka mums name and stuff)


Many people think Ally chose to be this way. Well the truth is, she didn't- she was born like it. Why would she choose to be hated by everyone? Even her parents hate her now...

"Ally get up now!" Julie, Ally's mum, shouted from downstairs. Throwing her covers off, she dragged herself out of bed and too the shower. The water was warm, not too cold, not too hot. It was just right. She stepped in and a sudden pain rushed down her leg. Glancing down at her thigh, Ally began to remember yesterday. Her eyes filled with tears as the memories rushed through her head. "Hurry up nerd!" Her sister called from outside. Today was going to be hard- harder than she thought. Turning the shower off, she stepped out and grabbed her towel. Hannah walked into her room, grabbed a pair of black jeans and a green plaid shirt and chucked it on.

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