The hosiptal

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Ally woke up to a weird heavy feeling in her chest, machines beeping around her and her mum no where to be seen. A nurse walked in and checked all the machines. "Ally do you remember what happened 4 hours ago?" Se shook her head in reply. "Your mum left a note, here," the nurse said, handing Ally the small crumpled piece of paper," we weren't allowed to read it so I'll leave it too you." She added before leaving Ally with the continuous beeps of the machines around her.
She started to read.
"Ally I don't know what you were thinking you would cause by doing this. Happiness? Sadness? You want to truth. I cried, but it didn't matter to me. I would rather have a dead daughter then a gay one. Oh, and that Stevie girl, she cried...a lot. The hospital told her they would ring her when and if you wake up. If you do wake up, your going to need to find another home."
Hannah's eyes glazed over like newly cut glass. She carried on
"You are tearing this family apart. Make sure you collect your stuff. I'm sorry but someone had to tell you this, goodbye Ally"
When she looked up from reading, her eyes instantly met a pair of wide, brown eyes. Stevie. A tear of happiness fell from Ally's eye.
"Ally I'm so glad you survived. I don't know what I would do without you!" Stevie said, not breaking eye contact with the pale girl who sat infront of her.
"Stevie, what are you doing here?" She replied, her voice croaking from the medication.
"I love you Ally. I have since the day I first laid eyes on you. I haven't ever had the guts to tell you until today. When I sat with you, I wanted you too see that I want you..." Her voice trailed off.
"Stevie! I don't know what to say." Ally happily said, a sense of shock in her voice.
Stevie lay down on the hospital bed and wrapper her arms around Ally. "Don't leave me...or try too, ever again." She whispered into Ally's shoulder. They both fell asleep in each others arms.

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