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The way back to Ally's was quiet, but not awkward. Stevie realised that Ally needed time to think so she gave that to her. However, she didn't let go of her hand on the way home. Ally was extremely happy with the way Stevie understood her and her emotions l. The car engine stopped, signalling they were finally home. Stevie quickly ran around the car too open Ally's door, who blushes slightly at this gesture. When she stepped out, she looked up at Stevie and grabbed her waist, pulling her into a hug. Stevie lifted Ally's chin up and planted a small kiss on her lips. A rush of energy went through both of them. They grabbed each others hands and walked to the house to unlock the door. "I'll get the bags. You go sit down princess" Stevie sad politely to Ally and With that, she went out to the car.
Princess. Ally thought. She just called me princess. Her cheeks started warming when Stevie walked in. Just looking at her made Ally happy.

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