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A few hours later, they both drove to Ally's house to collect her stuff. But, to their surprise, no one was in.
"I have a key" Ally said while pulling a house key out of her pocket. She unlocked the door and stepped inside. A strong smell of smoke that hadn't been there before hit her when she walked in. Ally grabbed Stevies hand and they went to her room. Everything was the same. Untouched. The book was still open on her bed. The only thing different was that the note was gone. She imagined her mum had burnt it or something, but she found it. Stuck on her wall. "Why?" She thought. Stevie began gathering Ally's stuff into some black bags. Four bags later, they were finished and Stevie began carrying them out too the car. Ally quickly wrote a note too her mum.
"I've collected my stuff, don't expect to see me again."
She placed the note on the table. Left the house and locked the door behind her.

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