Ally's choice

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On her way home, the only things crossing her mind were suicide and Stevie, of course. Normally thoughts of Stevie would make the others go away, but this time they didn't. Her mum wasn't supposed to be home for another hour. She had all the time in the world. She quickly scribbled down the words, "I'm sorry. Thankyou for everything Danny, I don't belong her anymore. Tell Stevie I love her- please..." Ally grabbed a book off her side, placed it on her bed and left the room. Minutes later, she came back with a bottle of pills. She opened the book and started reading.
It is wrong to be gay or part of the community
Three pills went in her mouth
Learn to be normal
Three more
You are not okay if your gay
Another three
You need to get counselling, you have a serious problem.
Three more
Your a disgrace to the human race
This time it was four...
Ally began to loose consciousness, she felt the walls closing in on her. This is it. Her choice. The choice. No one would care anyway. Would they? No they couldn't. After all, she doesn't deserve to be here. Does she?

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