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Ally woke up on Stevies sofa with a fluffy, blue blanket wrapped around her. The smell of bacon lingered around her nose.
"And sleeping beauty awakens!" Stevie shouted, poking her head round the corner. Ally guessed the hospital had let her out but she didn't ask. She was happy. She never thought she could be like this again. Tucking into her bacon sandwich, her gaze took her over too Stevies eyes. Everytime she looked into them, Ally felt herself falling further in love with Stevie. But, this time, she didn't force herself to stop, she let her emotions free; they had been locked up for a while now serving them free felt like a whole new world.
"Stevie, where are your parents?" Ally questioned
"Oh, umm- they kicked me out a few months ago because I'm gay so I live here on my own now." Stevie answered hesitantly.
"Oh. I'm sorry. I didn't realise" Ally stuttered
"Hey it's okay, I know what your going through. That's why your here and we're collecting your stuff later. Danny's coming round at 4 by the way!" Stevie excitedly said.
They both blushed and looked down. The same thoughts ran through their heads. Was this their future? Because both of them wanted it to be. When Ally had finished with her plate, Stevie kissed her cheek and took the plate from Ally's lap into the kitchen. This is perfect, they both thought. 

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