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Half an hour later, Ally arrived at school. As soon as she walked in, everyone was staring. "Another day of hell" she whispered to herself
Danny was sat at their usual table in the canteen, but something was different. Stevie was there. Stevies beautiful brown eyes glistened in the light, her hair danced in the sudden gush of air that swept through the building. "Hey Ally! Stevie and Hannah wanted to hang out with us today and I said it would be fine. Is that okay?" Danny called out over all the talking.
"Yeah that's okay!" Ally replied, sitting down on the same chair she always does.
Stevie caught Ally's eyes and smiled. Her smile could've lit up the room. Her teeth shone, almost like sunlight when it hits water. "This girl" Ally thought "said everything I've ever wanted to be she':s per-" her thoughts were cut off by the continuous bell. They all made their way to class. But, then, Ally found herself lying on the floor surrounded by her books. "Did you have a nice trip?" One of the popular boys shouted, looking down at her. Pulling herself up, she gathered her things and walked to class, not taking her eyes off the floor. She was used to things like this now, but it doesn't mean it doesn't make her feel even more worthless. As the day progressed, Ally was called names, tripped up and even punched a few times.

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