XIX | Stars Above

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The stars that night were for them, Kaia felt. The whole world was for them. "Where are we going?" Kaia asked, still holding Kaleb's hand. 

He looked over his shoulder at her. "Outside." 

"Outside?" Kaia squeaked, "Is this part of the ceremony?" Kaleb nodded and stared at her for a second. Kaia could practically see the thoughts churning in his head. She raised an eyebrow but wasn't given a chance to ask her question before he stopped walking. 

They spun around a corner, and he tugged her in front of him, pushing her against the wall. He didn't waste a second before crushing his lips to hers. Kaia accepted it, pulling his head down so that she could get a better angle. She didn't know how to kiss; she'd never done it before. But something about it just came naturally, like kissing Kaleb was programmed into her. She wasn't afraid to do it because this was Kaleb and something about him made her brave. 

Kaleb had two sides. He was rugged and invincible and at the same time gentle and vulnerable. He was amazing. And Kaia felt like she had to live up to it. She could, she believed. So she did. 

She pushed herself against Kaleb and wrapped her hands around his waist, tugging at his jacket. She tasted him even deeper. Kaleb had been slow, tentative like he didn't want to overstep and shatter this delicate beginning. But Kaia wasn't afraid of that. And when she let him know that with her tongue, he didn't hesitate. 

He reached down and swept her off of her feet, keeping her pinned against the wall and letting her wrap her legs around him. Kaleb chuckled when Kaia pulled away and kissed his nose. And his revenge was meeting his mark with his lips--the same spot that periodically sent random tingles throughout Kaia with no warning. Kaia gasped. It felt like lightning striking and leaving a fire in its wake. 

"Sorry," Kaleb said, "I had to do that." 

Kaia laughed, touching his face. Her feet still weren't touching the ground so that she could look down at him. "I wonder if I can find it in my heart to forgive you," Kaia teased. 

"Mhm," Kaleb said, letting her down and kissing her again. His face darkened. Darkened? That didn't seem right. This day was supposed to be blissful, right? "Come on." 

Kaia watched him like a hawk, wondering if she should try and see into Kaleb to figure out what that little spot of darkness was. But he seemed alright as they walked in silence, hand in hand, so Kaia tried not to pry. 

Soon enough, they were outside. Kaia had braced for the cold, but it hadn't come. It was like falling into a dream and waking up before you hit the ground; Kaia was hit with whiplash realization and a strong sense that something was just off

"It's snowing," Kaia said, confused and holding out her hand, watching the snowflakes dissolve on her skin. Kaleb looked at her, so clearly asking and? "Why aren't I cold?"

Kaleb looked relieved, "Good. I was worried it wouldn't work since you're human." 

"What wouldn't work?" 

Kaleb smiled and pulled her against him. They continued to walk deeper into the forest outside the Prowler Mansion. "When mates are together, they can't feel the cold," Kaleb explained, "We don't actually know why or how." 

"That's..." Kaia breathed, looking over at Kaleb. His eyes were still bright even in the dark. The stars shone above them, and the moon illuminated his features. He'd left his coat behind, so his white shirt reflected the moon's light, looking almost blue in it. He was handsome, dark yet brilliant. "Sweet, I think." 

"Sweet?" Kaleb asked. 

"Yeah," Kaia said, "It's like no matter how cold the world around us is, we'll always be there to keep each other warm." It sounded different than Kaia had meant it to, and she was blushing before she could calm down. Kaleb probably knew what she'd intended, but something sparked in his eyes and Kaia couldn't take it back. Not that she wanted to. 

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