XIII | Click. Pt 1

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The two of them sat in silence for a moment, Kaia's hand wrapped in Kaleb's. They had parked in her driveway, the big white house Kaia had returned to time and time again looming over them. She'd grown up here, and so many memories clung to the pastel walls that awaited them inside. 

Kaleb's hand squeezed a little tighter. "Do you want me to wait here? Or, I could-"

"You should come in," Kaia interrupted. She squeezed his hand back, the rough feeling of his skin on hers giving her what comfort she could get in this situation. She sighed deeply, turning her body in her seat so that she could look at Kaleb better. 

He sat there, completely tuned to her every action. He was reading her, trying to figure out what she was going to say before she even knew. Kaia could feel that he was worried, but for different reasons than Kaia was. Kaia was concerned about how her dad would react, whether he'd try to keep her home again. 

But Kaleb was worried about potential attacks, about the other Packs in the area, about what Lionel had said that morning. About what he'd said to Lionel. About Kaia's dream and what it meant and- 

Kaleb withdrew his hand from Kaia's, and the connection was severed like someone had pinched a straw shut. She hadn't even realized she'd been reading him like that again. Kaia blinked rapidly, surprised. "Don't do that," Kaleb growled. His eyes were dark, and his voice carried a warning. 

Kaia shot him a questioning look even though she knew what he meant by 'that.' Kaleb looked away from her, his hair shielding his eyes from her. "Your little snapshots," he said. Then he sighed again and looked at her. His expression urged her, implored her, "There are things I can't tell you until you're Luna and a part of the Pack. I need you to promise not to...look. At least not until the ceremony." 

Easier said than done. Kaia didn't openly will herself into Kaleb's head to witness his deepest worries and beliefs, his tantalizing emotions, or his enticing secrets. Kaia wouldn't lie, she wanted to know them. She wanted to know everything about Kaleb. But Kaia would prefer to go about it the regular way, with late night Q & A sessions over ice cream and massages. Mm, massages. The thought of sliding her palms over Kaleb's back. It was probably chiseled and sexy and-- What was going on in her head? Wait, was that how most people found out about someone? 

Kaia realized that she didn't really know. But the point was that Kaia couldn't promise Kaleb what he'd asked. She couldn't understand what the snapshots were, much less control them. "I can't." 

Kaleb hardened, and he busied himself with unbuckling himself from his place so that he wouldn't accidentally direct too much anger at her. Kaia noticed and tried to explain, "Not because I don't want to. Because I don't want to--see them, that is--but 'I can't' as in I can't manage them like you think. I don't do it on purpose. I swear. And they're actually pretty confusing, like blurry emotions coming through and tidbits of thoughts, little soundbites. It's never happened to me before. I don't really--"

The movement was so swift, like the snap of a snake. In the blink of an eye, his hands rested on either side of Kaia's face; he could probably feel the blush that spread all the way down to Kaia's neck. Kaleb's face was inches from hers. His eyes turned passionate as his thumb brushed little lightning bolts along Kaia's lips, ushering in her silence. His eyes softened, "It's alright. I'm not angry." 

Kaia exhaled a breath she hadn't known she'd been holding, letting her eyes fall as she took in the sight of Kaleb so close. She couldn't entirely drag her attention away from his eyelashes, how dark they were and how they fluttered when his eyes went to her lips. Such a small detail, but it made Kaia's heart lift. 

And then, in probably the singular most sexy event the world had ever seen, Kaleb bit his lip. Those perfectly sculpted lips, the ones Kaia had been drawn to from the moment she'd seen them, made a pulse of something new slam into her. The pressure, the buzz, spread throughout her but gathered in the pit of her stomach. And when Kaleb's lips parted, a slight shine on them, the feeling sunk lower. 

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