XXXIV | Perfect

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"He's physically fine," Jaeger said, shining a light into Kaleb's eyes. Kaia watched intently, and Kaleb must have noticed because he smirked at her. 

"Shut up," she mumbled, "I'm just worried." 

He nodded, "I get it. If our roles reversed, I don't know what I would have done." 

"Alpha," Jaeger said quietly, "I'd like to examine you again in twenty-four hours, but I won't get the scan results back for a while yet." 

Kaleb nodded, "I understand. You can go." 

Jaeger nodded and turned to leave. Kaia sat down on the bed beside Kaleb as she watched him go. "Thank you," Kaia called after him, remembering what he'd said all that time ago. 

Jaeger turned quickly and nodded, "Thank you, Luna." Kaia could have sworn that Jaeger gave her a strange look, but she wasn't confident enough to ask the doctor about it. 

Kaia smiled as the door shut. Kaleb reached up and tucked her hair behind her ear, drawing her attention. "You were worried once about whether or not they'd see you like a Luna, weren't you?" 

Kaia nodded, blushing a little at the thought, "I was worried about a lot of things." 

Kaleb smiled softly, but when he met her eyes it was clear that there was something wrong. There was a shine of vulnerability in them like he was a child who'd done something wrong and was about to confess. "Are you still worried?" 

The question shouldn't have caught Kaia off guard, but it did. She sighed and crawled farther onto the bed, lying down next to Kaleb. She draped her arm over his chest, and he held her close. "I'm worried about you, I guess." 

"Jaeger said I'm fine." 

"Not that," Kaia said, "Though I was worried about that, too. But what I meant..." 

Kaia could feel Kaleb's body stiffen a tiny bit. Kaia closed her eyes, knowing he wasn't going to like what she was going to say. But she had to say it. "I should have known, honestly. When we met, before you opened up to me, you used to hide behind anger." 

Kaleb took a deep breath and listened. "I didn't think much of it. We've all got something broken in our hearts, I think. We all deal with it in our way. Maybe your anger was just your way of facing the world." 

"But then you killed Grayson," Kaia continued. 

Kaleb sat up and looked down at her, his eyes desperate, "I told you, Kaia. I had no choice. I had to-" 

"I know," Kaia said, touching his lips to silence him. She smiled softly. "I know what you said, and I understand. The Pack is stronger for what you did." 

Kaleb looked relieved, and it made Kaia's chest ache. She was about to speak her heart, and it would sting. "But then you murdered Jack, too." 

Kaleb looked horrified, "Kaia, that wasn't me!" 

Kaia sat up and touched his face, "I know. I'm sorry." Her voice cracked, and she took a second to steel herself. "I know that wasn't you. I remember the darkness I felt when..." Kaia took a deep breath, "But in the alley, you were going to kill him, too. That was you."

Kaia looked into his beautiful golden eyes, stroking the beginning of his stubble with her thumb. "You can deny it, Kaleb. But I can see your heart." 

"That's unfair," Kaleb breathed. He looked like Kaia had just torn him in two. 

"I know," Kaia said. It was all she seemed to be able to answer. I know. I know your heart. I know your secrets. I know the truth. 

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