November 20, 1917

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Dear Ian,

I was so happy to get your letter today, even if it didn't tell me that you were coming home. As for where you are headed and are probably now, I suspected as much but I hoped I was wrong. I didn't take it very well. Worse than I thought I would. Mrs. Monroe had to have her son bring me home and he stayed while I told Charlie.

And I should tell you the truth. Robbie Monroe gave me some money a little while ago when he found out that I hadn't gotten any from you. He didn't want anything in return. He really is a good person with a kind heart and not at all the brat everyone kept telling me he was. I wouldn't come to rely on him, but now you know there is someone looking out for us. It's nice.

I'm going to send a big package this time. Paper is something I don't skimp on since I write you so much. I have a drawer full to send you and a whole new tin of pencils. I'll send it after this letter goes out since I want to make you some brown sugar fudge to go with it.

I won't make fun of you for the knitting, either. At least one of us can do it! Mum would be so pleased, given how frustrated she would get me with.

It makes me so happy when you are billeted with people and not in some hotel. I like the idea of someone taking care of you. The next time I want you to tell them your sister is really thankful for their kindness.

I'll be thinking about you and trying not to worry, though there will be no helping that, and I will tell Charlie he will need to get his hair cut nice in the new year because we are taking pictures. You are right. You will not believe what he looks like now. Maybe not me, either, since people have told me I am not plump like I once was. Someone even called me skinny.

If things get bad, think of something that makes you happy. Think about the first thing you want to do when you're finally home, or think about how funny it is when you torment Charlie until his entire head turns red. Or think about how proud Mum would be.

I'm proud, too, even if I do wish you were more of a coward so that you never left. I don't think I ever told you how grateful I am to you for taking care of me after Mum died. I was so scared in the beginning and I didn't believe it when you told me that we'd get through, but you kept your word. I don't just miss my brother, I miss my best friend.

All my love


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