November 11, 1917

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Hello Ian,

It has been a tough week. I won't get into it too much, but I have been having a hard time lately. The worst of it is over. Don't worry yourself about it. Worry about yourself. I'm just telling you because I know Charlie will talk about it when he sends a letter and you'll be mad at me. Marian is a hard case compared to Bernie. I have thought about moving, but I'd rather answer to her than someone I never see except to hand over the rent money. Some of those places are terrible with God-knows-what living in the walls.

Things are definitely different now that Robbie Monroe is back. He's nothing like Daniel and you know that I don't like him one bit. Charlie came by the Monroe house and he made friends with Robbie.

He's is a funny fellow. He really likes those birds at the back of the house and he wants to have a zoo at a house in the country. Not really a zoo, but it might as well be with the animals he wants to keep there. He even says he wants a parrot. Hopefully it won't be like the one Mr. and Mrs. Johnston have, Lucifer? Remember how funny it was when that parrot swore at those nuns? It sure earned its name that day.

The money finally came. I could have kissed the Salvation Army man when he banged on the door. I like getting the money, but I like hearing from you, too. Hoping I have a letter from you by the time you get this. Here is some toffee and a chocolate bar. You can share the toffee but make sure you eat the chocolate bar all on your own.

Love you,


P.S. You might have to get a car when you come back! When Robbie took Charlie out it was in his car, and Charlie is over the moon about it.

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