Belgium, 1916

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Hello Georgie!

Glad to get your letter and to hear you're back home in Glace Bay, and congratulations on marrying your girl. I suppose I'll have to come up there and visit when I'm back. I've never seen Cape Breton and I think it's an awful sin given how many of the boys here are from up that way.

Let your mother fuss over you. It shows how happy she is to have you back, even if it is missing an eye. Mine won't fuss over me when I come back from over here. I don't even think she reads my letters when I send them. She never answers my questions. She just talks about her committees and parties. Maybe I should have married a French girl so I'd know there was someone who is thinking about me.

I've also heard from my brother. He didn't learn his lesson. He's still going to those short-time girls. I won't be surprised if one of these days I get a letter saying he's dead.

My hearing is getting worse. I had an infection and when that cleared it wasn't any different. I suppose I'll have to see the doctor soon. Maybe they'll send me home.

Give your girl a kiss from me.

Robert S. Monroe

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