This is my first time writing a story, so bear with me please. I apologize in advance for the mistakes in my grammar.


Will they remember me?

Will they make fun of me, again?

Will they try to hurt me?

All these questions were running through my mind. 'Alex you will be fine, what type of family would we be, if we didn't back you up?' Aaron said through our mind link. I smiled. I still couldn't believe after two years.. two...whole years, I had to go back. Back to the town that made my life a living hell. Back to the school my mate and his pack tauted and humiliated me for years. Back to the place ,I had once called my home.

I had to go back.  As much as I didn't want to, I couldn't let them get to me this time. If I didnt my pack would be punished for my stubbornness. Hopefully we would only be there for a little while or at least until the hunters leave. I hated the idea of leaving, my home the place I've lived in since I was 15, the house that my family and I have lived in together peacefully.

My famil/pack consists of six guys: Aaron, Matt, Andrew, Egon, Emmett, Quinn, and three girls:Me (Alex),  Izzy, and Cady. Our pack is called Raged Blood, we are the one of the top five best packs in the world. We may be a small pack but we could take down just about anyone. We love to fight and protect, just as much as we love our mates.So far, Andrew has found his mate, Izzy.

Any who, as I was packing I heard a noise coming from the kitchen it sounded like, the glass door was shattered.

Intruders I though.

 I walk down slowly put myself on high alert, I sniffed the air, I could smell, blood and.........Egon. I walked into the kitchen sure enough there he was. Egon was holding his left arm to his chest, quietly cursing. I looked over his body to see his whole arm was cut with small pieces of glass. I sighed same old clumsy Egon. He looked up '' Hey sis'' he said causally. I grabbed a rag dipped it in water and then proceeded to clean the blood off, by the time I finished his cut was already healed. ''Thanks sis'' ''No problem now clean the mess and hurry up we have to get going'' I said. I left the kitchen before he could say anything.

Running to my room and grabbing my bags, I quickly placed them in the trunk of our cars. 'Come on guys were leaving' I said throught our mind link. In less than 1 minute, I saw all of my pack in front of me.

''Ready''  I asked. They all nodded their head.

I took a deep breath before hopping on my motorcycle.

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