Isabella and Emmet's 1st Adventure #1

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Hey guys hope you like the first chapter of my story if you want me to write more plz comment ^o^

Emmet's PV

"Dad I want to be a mage," I said calmly.

"And I want to be a knight," added my sister Isabella

"No," said the man at the desk

"But dad," started Isabella

"That is my decision. We need not discuss this nonsense," said our Dad Sir Ashton Astre of Leothia.

We left our dads work-study slamming the door stubbornly behind us. We walked up the creaky steps to our room passing tons of servants on our way. Once we got to our room I sat at my favorite window seat and looked out over my family's lands. I had always liked the look of the outdoors but I couldn't stand actually being outside. You may be asking yourself why do you not like being outside and the answer would be because of all the dirt. Oh how I despised dirt. That's when Déjà vu hit me.

3 years ago...

Me and Bella were 10 again, we were down a cobbled road talking about what kind of sweets we should buy since we had just gotten our allowance. We were just about to pass the infirmary the most gorgeous women in the world knocked into us. Bella and me both fell down and when I looked up I could pretty much feel myself drool she was that pretty. She had hair that looked like spun gold, and a smile that could melt the toughest man into a puddle at her feet and her eyes, they were amazing, they were forest green and it seemed like you could get lost in them. My sister obviously didn't think so 'cause she was quite rude- "Watch where you're going lady!" Bella yelled as she pulled her self off the ground.

"Oh my I'm so sorry! Are you okay?" asked the lady.

That's when she got a good look at us. "Might you two be Isabella and Emmet Astre?" she asked.

"Who's asking?" my sister asked rudely when she saw I couldn't reply.

"I'm Talia LaToren the new magic teacher and healer here in town."

That's when I finally got my voice back I replied, "Yes we are and it's nice to meet you."

"Did you two know that you both have magic?"

"We have what?!" we asked at the same time.

"You two are mages, and you both need training otherwise your magic can do some unexpected things that you wont like," she said surely.

"Yeah right," scoffed Bella, "And our dad is the king of the world."

"I wouldn't scoff at such important matters if I was you Isabella."

"My name is Bella, and I will scoff at whatever I like."

'Oh no,' I though. 'Talia had better watch herself Bella really doesn't like her I wonder why? This is bad, the last time Bella didn't like someone that person disappeared and didn't reappear for a few weeks and when he did he was very scratched up and was delusional.

"Well anyways you two should come here once a week so you two might learn to control your magic before anything drastic happens." Before Bella could say something I answered, "We will think about it," and we walked away well actually it was more like I was dragged away and Bella walked away. Once we were out of Talia's earshot Bella flipped out. "Why did you tell her 'we would think about it'?"

"Because it would be good too learn about magic so 'things' don't happen to us or the people around us."

"I'm not goin, I don't care what you say or what you do I'm not going and that's final!"

Hope you liked it srry it was so short....

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