Isabella and Emmet's 1st adventure PROLOGUE

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Isabella and Emmet's 1st Adventure...

Hi this is my 1st story I hope you like it... If you guys want me to keep writing this story plz commet thanks =]


Isabella and Emmet Astre have had a hard life their mother died giving birth to them and their father didn't want them to exist. And on top of that they could make weird things happen. Like once when their godmother Sandra came to try and make their father Ashton Astre her new husband they made her see things. Sandra saw her worst nightmares and they all seemed to come after her but it was all an illusion, she ended up in the mad house and she is not talked about anymore. And every once in a while when Isabella gets mad enough she can make things disappear and reappear. As for Emmet he can sometimes see the future and the past. They have a prophesy about them that will either make the world stronger or tear it apart their choices are everything and anything...

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