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Black Butler One-Shots by Sxbastian_michaxlis
Black Butler One-Shotsby Sebastian Michaelis
What if you could immerse yourself in the world of Black Butler? Fall in love with the characters, with endless scenarios. Let your fantasies run through your mind. Seba...
  • sebastianmichaelis
  • astre
  • readerxsebastian
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Grell Sutcliff's Instagram! by LeafpoolPotato
Grell Sutcliff's Instagram!by Grell Sutcliff (The BEST Reap...
  • ciel
  • astre
  • selfie
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Psychro - A Black Butler Ice King AU Fan-Fic by GalaxyPulse2567
Psychro - A Black Butler Ice Galaxy 💫
Highest rank: #3 in blackbutlerfanfic Psychrophobia - the fear of cold, ice or frost. When Astre and Ciel Phantomhive and their dearest friend, Ember Lane, go missing...
  • ciel
  • blackbutlerfanfic
  • astrephantomhive
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Lunile lui Jupiter√ by Dark_werewolf13
Lunile lui Jupiter√by ➽ Marie Atkinson ♛
O curte normală, cu o mașină normală parcată într-un garaj normal, care avea pitici de grădină normali și o minge parțial dezumflată normală. Nimic deosebi...
  • supereroi
  • luni
  • astre
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After The Rain/ Miraculous by aoiastre
After The Rain/ Miraculousby mafuyu stan
Marinette yaşadığı büyük bir olay sonrasında Japonya'daki kurulu düzenini bırakıp dilini bile bilmediği Fransa'ya taşınmak zorunda kalır. Ama aşk onu hiç de ummadığı bir...
  • aoi
  • adrien
  • miraculous
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Navy Blue || Miraculous Mafia AU || English by aoiastre
Navy Blue || Miraculous Mafia AU | mafuyu stan
Adrien, who is a Mafia Executive, was in love with a girl named Marinette. Marinette, who is a high-ranked member of the mafia, was in love with a boy named Adrien. ...
  • mlb
  • miraculous
  • chatnoir
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Black Sea/ Miraculous by aoiastre
Black Sea/ Miraculousby mafuyu stan
Miraculous Royal AU. 12 bölüm sonrasında tamamlanacaktır. İyi okumalar...
  • aoiastre
  • adrien
  • miraculous
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Reaped blossoms by Creamurr
Reaped blossomsby Coffee and tea
Ronald has a once in a life time run in with the Funtom florist, little does the reaper know, he develops a heavy crush on the young boy, and he'll do anything to steal...
  • knox
  • ciel
  • astre
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1 ,2,3 Soleil by YannLefevre
1 ,2,3 Soleilby Yann Lefevre
Ô soleil de tous les bienfaits Ô soleil de tous les excès Que tes rayons viennent à nous Qu'ils éclaircissent notre vie Le temps d'une accalmie 1,2,3 soleil
  • eclair
  • rayons
  • bienfaits
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Mon cher dôme nuptial by BawiBanonBasi
Mon cher dôme nuptialby Bawi
je suis peut-être amoureux des étoiles
  • nuptial
  • inspiration
  • dome
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黒執事 x ヴアンパイア歌: とぁいらtないと(Black Butler x Vampire Verse: Twilight Night) by Inkydesuchan
黒執事 x ヴアンパイア歌: とぁいらtないと(Black MoonlightDreamChan
Ciel Phantomhive, the aristocrat of evil, the queen's watch dog, in a world were the blood sucking freaks known as vampires roam freely. As Sebastian Michaelis, the ever...
  • fallacy
  • blackbutler
  • midford
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Poem în patru astre by LimbaRomana
Poem în patru astreby LimbaRomana
Crucis. Poem în patru astre. Chip în patru culori, ființă despicată atrii și ventricule, comunicând prin valve, patru camere, patru flori, patru paturi, patru euri, pa...
  • astre
  • crucis
  • poezie
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Isabella's 1st Adventure ... by shadowhunter101
Isabella's 1st Adventure Clary
  • adventures
  • emmet
  • mage
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You Are My Phantomhive  by Inkydesuchan
You Are My Phantomhive by MoonlightDreamChan
You Are My Phantomhive My only Phantomhive You make me happy when skies are gray You'll never know Ciel, how much I love you I won't let anything take you away~ I'll a...
  • astre
  • alois
  • sebastian
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Collision by Orion0712
Collisionby Orion0712
Quand l'effleurement de deux astres prend possession de deux âmes.
  • amour
  • astre
  • espoir
Atrapada en como entrenar a tu dragon  by freddy1820
Atrapada en como entrenar a tu freddy1820
Una chica fan de como entrenar a tu dragon y naruto encuentra en el bosque una cueva con los simbolos de su series favoritas al tocarlas al mismo tiempo cae en el mundo...
  • kyubi
  • hipo
  • chimuelo
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