SECOND BOOK IS ON MY PROFILE: Death Is My BFFLAD (Best friends for life and Death. please don't ask me anymore what it means hahaha)



I was free falling from one of the tallest buildings in Chicago.


“Kiss my ass old man!” I called from behind me and threw my arms to the side when I was twenty feet from the cars below. I swooped up, flapped once, and weaved through another street before curving back upwards against the rain.

I morphed my cloak into a tight bodysuit to increase my speed.

There was no doubt he’s chasing me for that one, I thought to myself. If there was two things’ he didn’t like to be called it was old man and old piece of shit.

The second one was really just asking for it.

My fingers brushed against the mirrored building as I whipped past and I laughed out loud that none of the people inside could see me.

Then I felt the piercing whistle in my ear. “Land or I’ll light you on fire,” a deep voice seeped into my mind.

“Make me, oh wait, it's raining outside good luck with that,” I shot back with a secrete smirk underneath my completely covered face. 

I felt a powerful heat strike my back and I hissed out in pain. The black material surrounding my body absorbed most of the heat and distinguished the burning-hot flame.

“Thanks for that. I thoroughly enjoy getting fireballs thrown at me while I'm 500 feet off the ground.'

"You said and I quote, "Make me." So here you go," a velvety voice responded.

Don’t try too hard. Don’t want to get a hernia.We've already re-plenished your AARP card twice because you're so ancient," I shot back at him with an inner snicker.

I veered away from the building. He could see me? I cringed my head up as I glided over a massive building to see a pair of dark wings a little more than fifty feet above me as well as two hands containing balls of fire. “Shit!” I muttered and sped up to my maximum. There was no way I was getting hit with two of those.

The muscles in my wings protested and screamed for me to slow down.

I could sense him as he dove towards me.

“This is going to be painful,” I muttered and flew straight towards the highest building I could spot. I pushed for speed so I wouldn’t lose momentum. I had to land.

I neared the building.

I was only ten feet away.

I forced my body upwards.

I glided, belly inches away from the building’s windows and flew up the walls, my head facing the sky. It was extremely disorienting. I finally reached the top of the building, pushed off the edge with my hands, jumped twenty feet and landed in the center of the building, running off the momentum.

I fluttered my wings once, shaking the water off of them and then turned around, waiting for him to crash into me painfully and possibly throw me back off the building. But he wouldn’t hit me, he knew he loved me.

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