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Ashley POV ::
I Woke Up Earlier Waiting On Today To Grow The Balls To Kiss This Gorgeous Lightskin Girl CAPTIAN Of Cheerleading! I Finally Got My Hygiene Together Got Dressed Put Some Make Up On Put My Hair In A Neat Ponytail And Went Down Stairs To Grab A Juice And My Keys My Mom Is Finally Let Me Drive My Mercedes Again She Had Her Friend Drive It Here I Didn't Like That Cause I Don't Like People Driving My Car! But I Headed Out Kissed My Mom Forehead And Was Off To School. When I Was At School I Parked In The Parking Lot And Before I Got Out I Shout Brianna A Quick Text Saying ::
    Don't Forget Bathroom 1st Period And My House This Weekend Which Is In 2 Days !

And I Got Out The Car Heading For The Cafeteria Seeing Everyone Was In There So I Quickly Turned And Headed For The Library I Like To Read. Only Certain Kinds Of Books Stuff That Grabbed My Attention. I Picked Out " Was Loving Her Wrong Or Right ? " When I Seen The Bell Was About To Ring I Quickly Grabbed It And Checked It Out And Headed To The Bathroom. I Was In There For About 5 Mins And Felt I Had To Pee So I Went And As I Was Peeing I Heard Someone Come In Sighing. I Pulled Up My Pants And Walked Out The Stall And Seen Brianna Standing There. I Washed My Hands And  Looked Up To See Her Arms Out I Figured She Wanted A Hug So I Gave Her One. She Finally Spoke.

Her :: What Did You Need Ashley ?

I Looked Down Then Bit My Lip Then Looked Back Up She Had Bit Hers Too And I Did It Like A Women I Leaned In Fast And Kissed Her And She Kissed Me Back I Was Shocked I Thought She Was Straight!! She Had Some Soft Lips.. I Pulled Away And Started Walking Out She Was Just Standing There With Her Eyes Closed Still. I Must've Laughed Hard Cause She Broke From Her Frozen Body And Finally Said Something

Brianna :: Send Me Your Address Ashley I'll Be There !

I Just Laughed And Walked Out.

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