My House

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Ashely POV ::
It's Been 2 Days Before Bathroom Thing With Brianna. I Haven't Heard From Her And Forgot She Told Me Her Mom Was Gone Bring Her And For Me To Text Her My Address. So I Texted Her Around  1 My Address And Told Her To Come Around 4. That Would Hive Me Enough Time To Get Dress Get My House Together And Other Stuff To Make It Fun And Presentable. I Really Like This Girl I Think I Have F-f-feelings For This Girl It's Crazy I Got DoneAnd Got Some Out Cute And Was About To Get In The Shower It Was 2:40.... I Got In And Got Out But While I Was Rinsing Off I Heard The Door Bell I Knew My  Mom Was In The Living Room So She Could Get It .. Wasn't For Me Anyways So I Proceeded Getting Out I Was About To Put My Panties On Until I Turned And See Brianna And I Dropped My Towel !!!!!!! I Seen Her Looking Tho And She Was Bitting Her Lip So I Knew She Liked What She Seen So I Asked Her. She Than Turned Around And Walked Away. I Quickly Got Dress And Went Out To Search Her She Was In My Bedroom So To Keep From Silence I Spoke.
Me :: Whaat Are You Doing Here So Early Sexy ??

Brianna :: I Was Bored And Wanted To Come Early But I Guess I Came To Early Sorry About That

Me :: It's Okay Beautiful Lets Get Our Day Started You Hungry ?

She Nodded We Went downstairs And I Made Us Something To Eat

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