2 Hrs Later

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Brianna POV ::
After Walking In On On Ashley And Enjoying The View Of Her Body I Felt Some Sparkles Happen. I'm Glad She Came In There And Changed The Conversations We Went In The Kitchen To Eat. And As Hours Passed By It Was 10:30 We Found Our Self Snuggling In Each Others Arms On The Couch It Felt So Right !!! She Then Put On A Movie It Showed 1 Girls Fucking Non Stop I Felt The Heat Between My Legs Come Back  I Let Out A Soft Moan. I Felt Her Stare At Me So I Cleared  My Throat.

Me :: Ashley Is Your Mom Sleep ?

Ashley :: Yea Why Wassup?

Me :: Can We Go In Your Room ?

I Bit My Bottom Lip As I Said That. We Both Got Up Off The Couch And Started Walking To The Room As Soon As We Get A Foot Away From The Room I Take Off My Shirt And Started Unzipping My Shorts When Ashley Finally Turned Around And Realized What Was Going On I Quickly Shut The Door Turned On The Tv And Pushed Her On The Bed. Her Mouth Dropped

Ashley :: DAMMMMNNN BRI !!!!

I Blushed , She Probably Already Knew What I Was On After This So I Took My Pants All The Way Off And Climbed On Top Of Her And Started Kissing Her. Once I Felt Her Kiss Me Back That Allowed Me To Slip My Tongue In Her Mouth I Begun To Felt Ashley Touching And Rubbing I Just Got Hornier And Hornier By The Min. She Finally Flipped Me Over And Took Off My Panties And Bra And Took My Right Nipple Into Her Mouth I Let Out A Slight Moan . She Gave Me Hickeys Below My Titties It Hurted A Little But It Felt Good. She Begun To Insert 1 Finger In Me It Hurted Bad Only Cause This Is Something New To Me. Ashley Started Going Slow I Was Moaning Softly That's When She Inserts Another Finger And Started Going Faster MY moans Got Louder And Faster

Me :: A-a-a-assshhhhhleeeyy

She Slowly Takes Her Hands Out Of Me And Started Going Down She Kissed My Belly Button To My Theighs Then Started Licking My Pussy Upp And Down And Started Sucking It My Breath Shorted And my Legs Begin To Shake And I Felt Some Happened And I Moaned So Loud Next Door Could Hear It Felt So Good ! Ashley Licked Up My Juice And Came Up And Kissed Me.

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