Part 1

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Brianna POV ::

Hi I'm Brianna Townsend I'm Lightskin With Long Black Hair That Stop In Between My Back And Ass I'm Head Caption Of Cheerleading Squad And I'm A Sophomore I'm Popular At School I Have 2 Bestfriends Named Alexus And Tiffiany Who Are Both Darkskin With A Sexy Ass Body Their Also On The Team. Anyways I Know Mostly Everyone In My School  I Go To Detroit Lake High School In Louisiana Where Everyone Mostly Fuck In The Hallways And Don't Even Care. See Me I Never Dated A Guy At My School Cause I Know How They Are And I Ain't Going NOT I . But One Day I Was Heading Into School And I See A Unknown Face I Never Seen Before And This Face Wasn't Like Others It Was Different She Was Darkskin And Had Some Good Hair And Was Tall I'm Dieing To Know Who This Girl Is !

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