Stuck !

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Brianna POV ::
After The Late Night Texts With Ashley And Dreaming About Her I Just Couldn't Stop Thinking About This Girl It Was Crazy And Weird ! I Got Up , Got Ready For School And Headed Out My Mom Brings Me To School Cause Once Again She Worked There . We Make It There And I Seen My Flashlight To My Phone Go Off So I Checked It.. It Was From Ashley ! I Looked At It And Read It I Smiled And Got Out. I Went In To The Cafeteria To Met Up With The Cheerleading Squad We Meet Up Morning And Lunch To Talk About Girl Stuff And Sex And All Of That And When The Bell Rung I Hurried Up And Left I Went To A Bathroom And I Didn't See No One So I Stayed There For A Good 3 Mins And Decided To Go To The Other Bathroom And I Heard Someone In There So I Went In I Waited Till That Person Was Done And When She Finally Came Out I Was Happy That It Was Ashley So I Didn't Have To Go To Every Bathroom Waiting On Her. She Went To The Sink And Washed Her Hands So I Came Close To Her And Broke a the Silence Between Us

Me :: What Did You Want Ashley ?
Next Thing I Know She Kissed Me. Out Of NOWHERE She Kissed Me!
And You Wanna Know What I Did I Kissed Her Back! Then She Just Pulled Away And Started Walking I Had To Hurry And Say Something Forgetting She Said I Can Ride With Her! I Asked For Her Address I Felt Slow But I Was Just Going To Ask My Mom To Take Me No Big Deal. But She Just Laughed And Walked Away !

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