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Brianna POV ::
I Usually Didn't Have A First Period Class So I Usually Went To My Moms Class ( Mrs. Klay ) See I Have My Dad Last Name They Was Never Married It Was Basically A One Night Stand With My Moms White My Dads Lightskin That's Why I'm So Bright ! But Anyways I Walked In There And Asked If I Could Sit In Here Again I Promised To Be Quite I Had To Whisper It Cause It Seemed Like Everyone Was Reading Which I Hate! But She Was Okay With That And She Pointed To A Empty Desked For Me To Sit I Sat Down And Took Out My Phone. It Was Dead So I Looked Up To See That I Was Sitting Next To The Girl I Was Unfilmer With And I Couldn't Help But Smile She Was Beautiful! I Think She Seen Me Cause She Finally Spoke. She Said Her Name Was Ashley She From Chicago And Moved Here With Her Mom. We Talked More And Before The Bell Rung I Couldn't Believe What I Said I Told Her I Would Cheer For Her. I HopeShe Don't Take It In No Type Of Way Cause Everyone Does Specially Cause I'm A Cheerleader And I Told Her That To. So As Soon As The Bell Rung I Quickly Stood Up And Left To Go Find My Bestfriends. When I Turned My Head Back She Was Still Sitting There I Turned Back And Giggled.
Brianna POV ::
It Was The End Of The Day And I Was At My Locker Putting My Stuff Away Cause I Had Practice. Until Someone Came Up To Me And Scared Me! It Was Ashley I Don't Know How She Found My Locker But She Should Know That It's Rude To Scare People ! So I Spoke First This Time In Angry


Ashley :: Sorry Beautiful I Was Just Trying To Hand You Your Phone You Forgot On The Desk.

Oh Man I Forgot My Phone On The Desk I Must Of Been To Paranoid To Turn Back And Get It After What I Said...

Me :: Thanks

Ashley :: No Problem I Seened You Ain't Have No Password And No I Didn't Go Threw It I Promise .. I Just Put My Number In There Text Me Sometimes We Can Have A Girls Night I'm A Only Child So My Place Would Be Good..

I Just Smiled And Shook My Head Cause God She Was So Beautiful But I Don't Know Why Thinking That I'm Straight I Like Boys Not Females Ew ! Next Thing I Know She Hugged Me Oh My God It Felt Good Like Sparkles That Lit Up And She Smelled Good Tooo !! I Didn't Even Notice She Let Go And Walked Away My Arms Was Still Out In That Hugging Position. I Snapped Out And Pretended To Stroke My Hair And Head To Cheerleading Practice Today Was Enough!

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