After Cheerleading Practice

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Brianna POV ::
I Just Got Out Of Cheerleading Practice Im Sweating As Usual After Putting In Hard Work. I Waited For My Mom To Tale Me Home Usually On Practice Days She Stay After And Grades. I Got Home And Got Out Pajamas About To Get In The Shower Until I Looked At My Phone And Began To Text Ashley. I Just Wanted To Know Why She Called Me Beautiful ??? Because I'm Not Gay .. At Least I Think .. Ugh What Am I Saying Eww ..!
So I Texted ::
Hey Ashley Its Me Brianna Did You Check Out The Team I Told You About?

I Was To Chicken To Ask Her Why She Called Me Is She Some Type Of Lesbian Or Something. If She Was I Bet She Get All The Girls How Cute She Is. At That Thought I Got Pissed Off I Don't Know Why But I Did So I Just Proceed To The Shower.
   * 10 Mins Later *
I Got Out The Shower And Seen I Had A Text Message Saying ::
    Hey Brianna Yea I Made It Told You I'm Good! Maybe I Can Get That Cheer One Day Beautiful 😉.

I Smiled So Hard I Almost Lost Grip Of My Phone It Was Gone Fall In The Toilet. She Knew Just The Words To Make A Girl Smile. Why Did I Like This ?????? I Texted Back ::
    Ashley I Have A Question, Do You Like Females ? And Why Are You Calling Me Beautiful And You Just Met Me You Don't Know Me. I Could Be Crazy In The Head 😂

I Was Scared Of What Her Respond Was Going To Be So I Set My Phone Down And Went To The Mirror To See What She See In Me. Really What EVERYONE Seen In Me. I Seen My Light Flash on My Phone Which Means I Had A Text Message So I Opened It And She Responded ::
       Lol Yea I Do Why You Ask That ? I Know Your Not Crazy Silly I Feel It But You Are Very Beautiful But It's Getting Late See You In School Tomorrow Meet Me In The Bathroom 1st Period Oh And Me You My House This Week We Can Ride In My Car!

After That Message I Couldn't Take A Smile Off My Face I Knew I Was Blushing Hard I Couldn't Respond Back To Her Text And Tried To Sleep But Everyone Time I Close My Eyes I Seen Her It Was Weird! But I Knew I Was Going To Keep Seeing Her Image  So I Just Let The Dream Happen I Kind Of Liked It.

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