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Hey guys, it's me again!

I'm really excited to have finished my first wattpad book (correction: this is not the first book I've put on wattpad, but it it the only one I've finished/not deleted cause it's garbage).  But I'm also really sad, because this book had been my baby. 

I want to thank mkhamm17 (who keeps changing her name.... >:| (yes Mel that's my angry face)) because she's my real life bestie and has supported me the whole time I've been writing this book.  Go check out her books!

And thank you to all of you who take the time to read my writing, vote and comment!  You guys make me so happy!

I haven't decided quite yet of whether or not there will be a sequel to 2056.  I plan on doing some editing (correction: a lot of editing), but I will definitely be putting another story on wattpad. 

When I make a decision I will post an update on here so all of you guys can find out. 

If anyone is good at making covers or banners or anything like that, pm me! I'd love that!

Again, thanks so much for taking the time to read and vote, and thanks for all the wonderful comments and support!

Also if you want, you can just pm me. I'd love to talk!

Jen ❤️

(thanks again guys!)

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